Monday Musings

I’m so glad I waited until today to mail Christmas gifts to four different states.  I hear it’s the busiest shipping day of the year and I certainly wouldn’t wanna’ miss out on all the camaraderie standing in line at the shipping office.


This weekend was all about completing the shopping list for the out-of-town family.  Craig served as chauffeur and would drop me off at the front door of wherever I needed to go and would circle the block while I went inside on attack mode.  It was a good plan and highly efficient until we hit Dick’s Sporting Goods and all the tribe decided they needed to go in and WANDER.

People, we did not have time to meander.  And all four of my men have ADD and there we stood, smack dab in the male equivalent of Sephora.

I had to practice deep breathing mainly because I’m not sporty in the least and it was like enduring bamboo shoots being stabbed under my fingernails but we were almost in the clear and out the door when Feral #1 discovered the weaponry section and cajoled his daddy into checking it out with him.

It was an easy sell.

photo (22)

I’m fine with an arsenal of Nerf but a Nervous Nellie when it comes to the real thing because I only have three boys and I’d like to keep all of them and it’s been my experience that ADD and live rounds don’t mix well as evidenced by Dad keeping a hand on the barrel to avoid J sighting a non-live target.

photo (23)

C got in on the action, too.  He has enjoyed the occasional hunt since we’ve been married (mainly dove and deer) but I don’t yell “Bring me something home, baby!” because I prefer my meat to come on Styrofoam and in cow or chicken form because I saw Bambi at a formative age.

Sunday was church (someone brought Nutella Rice Krispie Treats to class and I had something new for which to repent) and then lunch at the new PDQ that just opened.  Travis was delighted with yet another restaurant location where he can consume chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce and the other two declared it their Most Favorite Place Ever because it had a Coke Freestyle machine.

photo (24)photo (25)


I had a salad and was not at all bitter about it.

Then we came home and wrapped, wrapped, wrapped and in my haste to get it done I asked C to help me upstairs and completely forgot that I’d hidden his Christmas present in the craft room because HE NEVER GOES UP THERE and he walked right in the door and saw it.


Kicking myself.

We finished up the wrapping and even though it was a balmy 73 degrees outside, I decided we needed soup for supper and after a quick run to the grocery store for pancetta, I had everything I needed for Ina Garten’s Winter Minestrone.  

photo (26)

I was initially a little nervous about making it because it had cubed butternut squash in it and I was unsure how that was going to play out in a non-pureed, Italian form but Ina has never steered me wrong and I forged ahead and OH MY STARS it was wonderful.  JJ and I both had two bowls for dinner and I woke up thinking about it this morning and had a bowl for breakfast.

photo (28)

And now I feel fortified and ready to meet the day (and the lines) at FedEx.

And find a new present for C.

Have a nice day.


5 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. I need a bubble bath & a glass of wine after reading this. Phew…

    My son is a left-wing-pacifist-tree-hugger, but oh, he doth loveth weaponry. And he has ADD, too.

  2. Lee knows that he must take any game he kills to the butcher straight away so that I only see it in bought-from-the-meat-department condition.

  3. I made this soup last weekend and I completely agree that it is fabulous!! As far as weaponry, my 8 year old LOVES anything gun related. He got an airsoft gun for his summer birthday and for Christmas he is getting his first bow. scary.stuff.! He watches Duck Dynasty and wants to go live in Louisiana so he can hunt every single day! ha!!!!!

  4. I can’t wait for the blog post after Craig decides to take one of the boys hunting and they come back with some type of expired creature that requires cleaning and cooking. If/when that does happen, feel free to request another Facetime with Nana. She has lots of experience with cleaning/cooking game, since my blushing bride brought home many an expired creature from her hunting expeditions growing up.

  5. Parallel lives : ) I too was at the post office today and it was packed. The lady in front of me fainted and cracked her head on the tile floor. The police arrived pronto followed by an ambulance. She was sitting up, talking, and insisting it was all because she’d gone to Zumba without eating, but they took her to the hospital to get checked out.

    I made Paula Deen’s Vegetable Beef soup yesterday and it was delish. I saw your Minestrone on Pinterest so I’ll give it a try. We love soup.

    Finally-we were also at the ammo store this weekend. We are considering taking the plunge into ownership. There are many many hoops to jump thru, particularly in NJ because they love their hoops here. Hubs grew up with weapons, but I never wanted one in the house. I’m changing my mind about it though and all I had to say was let’s think about it and he was online shopping and we HAD to go to the outdoor shop Saturday.

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