Monday Musings: The New Year Edition

I had to think for a few minutes to figure out what day it is; we’ve been in vacation mode for a little over a week and while I’m not complaining, it’s a little disconcerting how quickly I’ve lost track of the calendar.

I jokingly typed a comment on a friend’s Instagram account (a photograph of her running in the snow) and said something snarky about starting my diet in January and she said, “You mean next Tuesday?”



I’ve put the Christmas decorations away except for the ones I forgot and didn’t find until the boxes were in the attic and am enjoying the starkness in the house.  I like entering January with a little bit of bareness on the shelf.  It helps me focus on simplicity which is a welcome relief after a month of excess. I haven’t made any resolutions yet because keeping them is an exercise in futility but I’ve noodled on a few goals for the year that are doable:  a few trips to move us along on the “Visit All 50 States Before The Kids Graduate From High School” project, a rough draft of a little book that has lived in my heart and needs to live on paper, finishing JJ’s quilt that’s currently splayed out over the floor of the craft room, and develop some sort of exercise habit (and this is priority #1 because I have to be in a swimsuit in 45 days).

While this year has been good for my prayer life, I’m glad to close it out.  The last six months have been particularly challenging what with T’s surgery, recovery, the boys starting 7th grade, the boys bringing home 7th grade math homework, and parenting through the teen years. While the bulk of the challenges won’t change next year, there’s something about January that gives hope and renewed strength to face them head on.  God’s mercies are new every morning and I bank on that promise and His faithfulness as our family navigates the upcoming year.

He is faithful.

Three of my favorite words.

I hope 2013 is full of good things for us, dear friends and family.

Have a nice day.


5 responses to “Monday Musings: The New Year Edition

  1. I too am glad to see this year come to a close and wrote some similar thoughts on my blog today. I still have Christmas out, but do have a daughter home to help with the umpteen trips up and down the basement stairs. My body isn’t ready for a bathing suit, but my spirit is : ) I need a warm tropical getaway…is it wrong to make ‘plan a warm tropical getaway’ a resolution?

    Happy New Year!

  2. Here’s to a very happy, peaceful, and lovely new year, Susan! Oh, and i hope it’s also tasty, colorful, and fun!

  3. Ahhh…2012 = “good for my prayer life”. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it from now on.
    Happy, Happy New Year!

  4. 2013: the year of the sneak attack. For me too! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year, CPQ!!! Here’s to his faithfulness in 2013! 🙂

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