Five on Friday

Please forgive any typos – I’m at the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to be called and writing this post with my thumbs on a very small screen and on less than a full cup of coffee.

Today’s theme is random randomness.

1. I sat next to a woman on the plane who decided that flannel pajamas were appropriate attire.

2. I bought my usual magazines at the book stand. Craig teases me that my plane tickets always have a $15 surcharge because I MUST stop at Hudson News and pick up fresh reading material. Today it was Self and Shape.

3. Flashing lights and alarms are currently going off and the overhead announcer is saying that an emergency has been reported in the ATL airport and that I need to stand by for further instructions.

That’s festive.

4. The Jillian Michaels project is going well. I exercised 5 days this week and have never enjoyed a rest day more.

I think I’ve been motivated to stick with it knowing my mom has potato salad and chocolate pie waiting for me at home.

Sabotage, thy name is Susan.

5. The boys are going snow tubing this weekend and the latest weather forecast shows 70 degrees at their destination.

Of course, I still packed gloves and cold weather gear for them because I’m a jungle girl mom and they need to have something to talk about when they’re older.

I hope your weekend is fun. I know mine will be, once the stay of emergency is lifted.

Have a nice day.

4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Well It should be 70 here, but alas I am sitting in my classroom with a scarf looking out my window at 28 degrees. Lots of snow in these mountains. Enjoy your pie, Jillian will be waiting 🙂

  2. Apparently PJs are now considered suitable public wear in a lot of places. On one of the travel forums I read, people have been reporting that guests at hotels and B&Bs now routinely show up for breakfast in their PJs. In my mind, that’s as bad as showing up in a string bikini or boxers and while I’m sure other people see nothing wrong with it, I find it tacky, offensive and unacceptable.

  3. I stealth slob. I’ve definitely shopped with jeggings and a coat hiding a nightdress or the old real top/PJ bottoms with slippers combo for driving. Bar one cringey incident where I’ve had to actually get out of the car to help my mum bring files back from work when picking her up (yeah, she was so proud of me,) I’ve been OK.

    At my uni I was allowed to work in scrubs all day. I have to look business smart in Manchester and was shocked by how uncomfortable I felt. My husband then worked out it’s been about 2 years since I’ve had to deal with a real waistband on any item of clothing.

  4. Jillian. Day 3. Killing me.
    And now I’m craving potato salad.
    Hope your emergency situations are a thing of the past…or at least until your return flight. 🙂

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