Monday Musings

Well, my team didn’t come out on top in the Super Bowl but I was happy with the snack selection so we’re gonna’ call it a win anyway.  I thought the commercials were uninspiring this year with the notable exception of the Paul Harvey/Farmer spot that was, hands down, my favorite of the evening.  Paul Harvey has a special place in my bank of memories because he was the sole reason that lunch was served at 12:15 instead of 12:00 when I was a kid.  My dad used to sit in his office and listen to the PH broadcast on the Voice of America station and we could not sit down to eat until he heard the closing lines “This is Paul Harvey.  (Pause) Good day.”  Many a day I sat twiddling my fingers waiting for “the rest of the story” so we could scarf down whatever deliciousness my mother had made.

There was no waiting last night.  We had a smorgasbord of treats from which to choose:  Pioneer Woman’s BBQ bacon jalepeno poppers, guacamole, chips and French onion dip, smoked kielbasa, pizza squares, corndog bites and a bunch of other stuff that we didn’t need and yet we ate it.

photo (76)

Local friends, avocados are on sale 2/$1 at Kroger.  Make haste.

The jalapeno poppers were the hit of the night (to my brothers, these are right down your alley).  I went to bed dreaming about them and even ate the extras cold out of the refrigerator for breakfast this morning along with the leftover guacamole and a fried egg.

Clearly there are new personal lows to be explored.

Have a nice day.


One response to “Monday Musings

  1. Ha-new personal lows to be explored! I love that line! I suspect I can also relate.

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