Five on Friday: Random Randomness and Travis

1.  Craig will be home from a week-long trip to California in 14 hours and 27 minutes but who’s counting? I am!  Fortunately nothing too crazy happened while he was gone except for the microwave deciding to come on when the door was opened which necessitated me wrapping my hand in dishtowels so as to avoid radiation when I had to pull the food out.

A little radiation never hurt anyone and I’m sure that mutant finger that is suddenly starting to grow out of the side of my arm will soon go away.

2.  I managed to keep busy while C was away with conference planning activities (local friends, have you registered for Life:Extraordinary  ?), homework checking (hooray – I could do the math this week!) and doing a little shopping for my trip to Mexico (thank you, Nithya, for the jeggings suggestion – I found some cute black ones that were long and stretchy).

3.  A bright spot this week was stopping by the hospital to snuggle with my friend Rebecca’s freshly hatched daughter, Lucy.

photo (72)

Is she not a DOLL?????

photo (73)

For the record, that is not my hand.  I say that because I am vain and shallow.

I met Rebecca two years ago through Heather who was headed to the hospital to see her right after Bec had her first daughter and Heather told her, “Hey, I’m bringing my friend Susan over to meet you while you’re in a hospital gown, 12 hours after giving birth.” and she was totally cool with it (which is very Rebecca -she’s awesome).  Flash forward and I’m headed up to the same hospital to see her again, this time with another new baby and as a legitimate friend and it was a little bit of a misty moment for me.

And then the misty was gone and I was laughing my head off because she had sushi delivered to her room because girl loves her some sushi and she’d been denied that little delight for nine months.

photo (71)

And let’s just talk about how thin her face is after having been pregnant for an eternity.


4.  I may have an idea why my face may be a little puffy.

photo (85)

My love for the processed fish product knows no end.

5.  Travis has been asking me to put pictures of him on “The Carpool Queen” (as he calls it) so today, I’m obliging him.  He downloads the pics and uses them for his movie making and for some reason he’s been asking for pictures of him sitting in the car.

photo (82)

After taking this picture, he requested to see my phone and proceeded to take 748387529759 pictures of himself while we were driving the short distance to therapy and as I was scrolling through them to find a few to post, I had to laugh a little at what he’d captured in the background, namely, my less than pleasant visage.

photo (79)photo (81)

And then I must have gotten really perturbed.

photo (78)

And, apparently, took a nap.

photo (83)


Travis, I hope you enjoy your pictures, and as an added bonus, this little video of you playing the bugle in the garage while you wait for the bus.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  I love you, buddy.

Have a nice day.



5 responses to “Five on Friday: Random Randomness and Travis

  1. Hi Travis,
    I think it’s really cool that you like making movies. What is your favorite thing about making movies? Don’t tell your mom I said this, but I think you’re bigger than she is. 🙂 Have a great day. Love, Miss Gretchen.

  2. Travis,
    Way to go,Music Man! Grandpa

  3. The video was charming and the post was full of cute and interesting goings on, but the pics of you driving the van elicited audible bursts of laughter and maybe even a little snorting from moi! Why? Because my daughter LOVES to take Instagrams on her IPad in the car and invariably captures such flattering pictures of me in the background…very similar. I feel your pain…and you were very brave to post them! I always demand that she destroys them immediately. Of course, I’m no fool; I know she immediately sends them out into the eternal world of Instagram for all to see!

  4. She is a doll baby! And Travis has quite some talent brewing there!

  5. I’d love to see what Travis’ finished movie is like. That girl is SO cute! Sushi being delivered to your hospital bed is a whole new level of classy. Glad you got some jeggings you like. Beware of getting too used to them as jeans will start to feel too restrictive.

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