A sprinkling of this and that

1.  It’s a miracle I made it out of bed this morning what with the rain hitting against the window and the covers at the perfect temperature for snuggling.  I’ve loved the rain forever.  My childhood home had the most wonderful roof for rain.  When it poured (and it did often – we would get 13 feet of rain a year), I would head out to the covered back porch, climb into the hammock with my kitty Simon (my best friend named her cat Garfunkel), and I would swing for what seemed like hours and listen to the water bouncing off the tin overhead.

Even now when I have trouble going to sleep, I’ll close my eyes and in my mind travel back to that hammock and hear the rain. 

It is my happy place.

2.  The bus waits for no child so I did eventually (4 snooze buttons) escape the confines of my quilt and rousted the ferals for the day.  There is much to be done before leaving this Friday most of which involves getting the kitchen ready for the cook who will be taking over while we’re out of town.

And by getting the kitchen ready I mean throwing out all the food in the fridge that serves as the breeding ground for new strains of penicillin.

My mother-in-law is a most excellent cook and she knows exactly how to win over my crew.  She’s already sent the grocery list ahead of time and the meals she is planning are right in their wheelhouse.  The boys will be thrilled as Mom chose this week to try a few dinner menu items that pretty much tanked.

I really should just accept the fact that there’s no way to make cauliflower attractive.

Hope springs eternal.

3.  Also on the list today is packing because tomorrow is slightly zoo-ish.  Let’s just all go ahead and be praying for Craig because I’m tucking in a cute little pair of black ballet flats that I bought last week while he was out of town (a girl’s gotta’ cope somehow and they’re cheaper than therapy) and he’s gonna’ need some emotional support because I just might wear them with capris and I think we all know how he feels about those.

The ballet flats are Mary Janes and oh-so-darling and Craig rolled his eyes at them and I reminded him that I had not purchased a pair of flats since 1994 which, coincidentally, is when I met him.  And he said, “And yet it still it seems too soon.”

And I smacked him.

Have a nice, rainy day.







3 responses to “A sprinkling of this and that

  1. Normally, I don’t approve of smacking one’s spouse. 😉

    Have an awesome trip!

  2. Haha …. that last sentence made me laugh. Have fun!!

  3. Ha-my hubs is not a fan of the flat either. I have what I like to call my ‘travel wardrobe’…that is, clothes I wear when he’s out of town : )

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