Five on Friday

I’m sitting in the airport with Craig and have no brain cells because it is 5 AM as in the morning and the sun is not up.

I’ve asked C to tell me 5 things the world needs to know:

1. Personal brand management is still your responsibility even if it’s early.

That’s a lot of big words. I think he means dress appropriately when you go to the airport. There’s a lack of visual integrity in a few corners of our waiting area.

2. Not everyone can pull off orange tennis shoes but if you can, you should.

Someone’s feeling pretty sporty about his bright orange pumas this morning.

3. A bowl of bran cereal and a fiber shake before leaving the house constitutes a serious error in judgement.

Why did I say he could write this post? And now you know how to pray for me.

4. Why is it always Big and Tall stores and not Short and Small stores? I somehow feel singled out.

5. My wife is amazing.

Okay, he didn’t say that. But he just got distracted by something shiny and I need to wrap this post up so we can get on the plane and wing our way to sunny Mexico where they’re going to laugh at his shoes.

Have a nice day.



4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Orange and black are perfectly acceptable in my territory (Oregon Beavers baby). He would fit right in and maybe get a few glares from the Duck’s fans.

  2. Using the words “personal brand management” while wearing orange shoes … I’m pretty sure there are no more grace points left on his man card.

  3. Your husband is funny – he should consider starting his own blog.

  4. Black and orange…Oklahoma State…Go Pokes!

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