Monday Musings

I’m hoping this week is a little less homebound and a lot more healthy than last week. Travis came home early with a bad cold on Tuesday and spent Wednesday and Thursday on the couch in a miserable, hacking state. He went back to school on Friday and I’d hoped to get out and run some errands but our built-in microwave finally, officially, died and the trim guy said he could get out Friday morning and install the new one (it was bigger and necessitated some cabinetry cutting) and since heating leftovers is a pretty critical part in the running of this house, I sacrificed a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric/Starbucks/anywhere but these four walls my important plans to stay home and meet him.

Turns out it was a good thing he came because the smell of fresh cut wood sawed from the cabinet facing went a long way towards masking the general household stench from the night before when the glaze from the ginormous ham that I’d placed in the too-small pan boiled out all over the floor of the oven and poured black billowing smoke all through the kitchen.     

Yeah, it was a week.  

All that to say that I didn’t get much of anything accomplished except for almost catching the house on fire and catching Travis’ cold and I’m hoping it doesn’t get super bad and waylay me for I intend to accomplish great and mighty things this week, the first of which is to finish the quilt that I promised JJ over a year ago. It took him only six seconds to pick out the fabric (which I would never have chosen but it’s not my quilt and I’ve given up control for Lent) and yet I’ve draagggggged my feet getting it pieced because while there is nothing better than snuggling under a warm blanket, there is nothing worse than making it.

Oh, I kid.

A little.

The inspiration fairy lit a fire under me yesterday afternoon and I wandered into the craft room and promptly got sidetracked by the mounds of fall (!) and Christmas (!) decorations that I’d randomly stacked on the floor and shelves to deal with later so there was a slight delay in getting the project underway while sorting and storing took place.  Then I pulled the sewing table to the middle of the room in front of the TV, popped in a movie and started working on J’s quilt that had languished in a corner for far too long.

photo (101)

It was a lot more fun to tediously pin and sew while Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth fell in love in the background but I have to confess that I ripped out more than one seam and started over because I was a little too entranced with the big screen to notice that I’d not put right sides together and thus was born the new rule that all movies must be placed on pause when reaching critical junctures in a project so as to avoid starting all over again.

I made a lot of progress by the time they got married and would have pressed “Play” a second time and kept going but the children were hollerin’ about important things like supper so I closed up shop for the evening with plans to get back at it this morning right after I heat up a cup of coffee in the now functioning microwave.

I hope your weekend was equally delightful.


Have a nice day.


One response to “Monday Musings

  1. I hope we get to see pictures of the finished quilt! I always mean to get to a project like that but there’s never enough hours in the day to do it all.

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