In which I have no news to report

I’ve been running a quart low this week. Between the cold weather and the sniffles, I haven’t had a lot of energy to spare except for rallying to meet Heather at Hancock Fabrics to “help” pick out black felt for a project she was doing. After the six seconds it took us to locate said felt, we were free to move about the store and talk about all the things we could do if we were disciplined enough to follow through on all our good intentions.

photo (102)

She bought supplies for a REAL project – you know, clothes that people can actually wear in public – and I bought some vintagey-looking material for another quilt because I haven’t finished the latest one and don’t deal well with closure.

Later that day Heather sent me this ridiculously hard pattern she suggested I use and this is why I love her so because she believes in me  lies to me and makes me feel marginally confident in the face of complete and utter lack of skill.  

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the kitchen making chicken vegetable soup that was serviceable but didn’t quite turn out like I wanted and some oatmeal raisin cookies.  The cookies were a serious error in judgement because I KNOW my people do not like them and now I have to eat them all by myself.

Which I did for breakfast because they’re healthy and whole grain.

“I need another vacation to in which I have to be in a swimsuit because right now there is zero motivation for self-control”,  she said as she put whipping cream in her coffee because she was out of half and half.

No big plans for the rest of the week except for therapy, doctor appointments, and shopping.  Tommy has been invited to a bar mitzvah on Saturday and his friend told him he needs to dress up like he’s going to church.  Seeing as most Sundays I have to turn the boys around at the bottom of the stairs to change (sweatpants and skull-and-crossbones are better suited for weekdays, don’t you think?), that means we need to hit the mall.  He doesn’t have a navy blazer and he could use a pair of khakis that don’t fit him like capris.  It makes me just a little wistful that my boys are getting old enough to go to events where jackets are required. I know they’re excited about growing up and experiencing new things but that means my daily experience with them is rapidly coming to an end and see above re: closure.


I need another cookie.

Have a nice day.







3 responses to “In which I have no news to report

  1. The good and the bad about growing up. I was so excited for a snow day yesterday in which I had the rose colored glasses on and presumed we would spend the day playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa, sitting by the fire, and then doing it all again four or five times. I didn’t think that my daughter would be rallying to go to her friend’s house for the day (it didn’t occur to me that people drive around town on snow days. aren’t we off because we shouldn’t be on the roads??) and my boys would be invited to go sledding with the neighbors. I came out of the house to go with her and the kids. I was wearing my furry coat, boots and carrying my coffee and my purse (since I figured we would need the insurance card when someone fell and broke an arm) because I assumed we would be sitting in the car chatting and drinking coffee while the kids went sledding down terrifying hills. She took one look at me and said “where are you going? shopping?” ha! She told me to turn around and go back in the house as I was not dressed properly for sledding! So, I sat home by myself on the snow day (for a time) with my book by the fire. It wasn’t all bad, but not what I had imagined. ….. aren’t you glad you asked 🙂 I made rice krispie treats. With coconut oil replacing half the butter. To be healthy. Butter is better. Always.

  2. I went to a Bar Mitzvah reception , last year. It was a lovely, and they even had a baked potato bar for guests. I forgot where I was for a sec, when I was searching for bacon bits. Doh!

  3. Love you!!! And I’m all for whipping cream in the coffee. And I make things my family doesn’t eat and then HAVE to eat them myself as well….wonder if there is intent involved?

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