Monday Musings

Good morning, world. I’m on the third cup of coffee and feeling pretty zippy this morning.  The sun is shining, the birds (and squirrels) are enjoying the new bird feeder I hung over the weekend, and my husband is home all week long.  There is much for which to be thankful today.

We’ve had an eventful few days.  Travis got to skip school on Friday because he had a couple of appointments in preparation for his upcoming surgery.  Clearly, he was upset about missing out on all the learnin’.

photo (111)

Our first appointment was with the orthotist who fit him for his new braces.  They are bigger and wider than his old ones; I could tell just by looking at them that his calf muscles have started to fill out.  Of all the boys, he’ll probably have the smallest feet, but the largest shoes.  We had to buy 14 4Es to fit over his braces and when we first tried them on at the New Balance store, he gave me this “Woman, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to be able to take a step in these big lunkers” look and told me they were too big.

Oh, I’m crazy all right. This will make the third person in the family who has size 14s.  I can’t take a step in any direction without tripping over someone’s FrankenFeet.  

After the shoe store we headed up to “P Duke” for his pre-op appointment.  We’ve been going to Duke to see various doctors for years now and Travis has his own descriptive terms for the different buildings he visits.  His favorite by far is P Duke, which most people would call the Children’s Health Center but he has his own special name for it he uses and it only took us three years to figure out how he came up with it.

Yep, the P is for the parking garage right across the street.  And there you have it.

photo (110)

We saw two nurses and a child-life specialist, confirmed the details of the surgery, received the scrubbing supplies and instructions for his pre-surgical bath, and, even though it was just a mere 7 months ago that we were there, took another tour of the surgical preop and recovery rooms.  At each point along the way, T collected stickers, stickers, and more stickers that he enjoyed taking pictures of with my phone because his iPod ran out of batteries.

photo (109)

And when he ran out of room on his leg, he switched to his hands.

photo (108)


And when he got bored with waiting, he took pictures of his mother who was also bored with waiting and ready to get the heck out of Dodge.

photo (107)

Assuming he stays healthy and fever free, we were officially declared “all systems go” for March 18 so we came home and ate ice cream and frantically picked up the house to be ready for Craig’s return from California.

Saturday was a shopping day because now that Craig was back it was time to restock the deli meats in the house.  I do not understand this man’s love of the sandwich but it apparently runs deep.

photo (106)

Then Saturday night we ran Tommy over to his friend’s birthday/bar mitzvah party and I will have to say I was a little misty to see a sharp-dressed man-child go out the door.

photo (105)

Yes, I’m a little haggard.  We need to train Craig on how to use light to my advantage.

Tommy thoroughly enjoyed the event and told me all about the games they played but his favorite one was called “Mafia” and apparently it involved wearing fedoras and running around trying to kill each other and then he showed me a picture of the boys playing the game and it looks like they basically stole the  Jewish black hats that had been worn to the religious service, so, I offer my heartfelt apologies if the Baptist kid was culturally insensitive.

Sunday was church and the first really warm, sunny day in weeks.  We broke out the shorts and t-shirts and Craig let the boys earn a little spending money by washing the cars.  I don’t know if he taught them proper technique or if they taught him proper patience in the ordeal; all I know is I can now open the car door without a thousand fast food wrappers flying out.

photo (103) photo (104)

Craig and I got to spend some time hanging out together Sunday night while the kids were at youth group and we took full advantage by going to Taco Bell a fancy restaurant and then strolled hand in hand at Big Lots an upscale boutique and found a gourmet treat that was the perfect sweet ending to our evening together.

photo (113)

I am almost ashamed to admit that I did a little happy dance in the aisles because I had abandoned all hope of finding them on the East coast and let’s not even talk about how they were issued last summer in anticipation of football season and yet, months later, were still well within the expiration date.

Yes, an eventful weekend, indeed.  Go Hogs! And Happy Monday!

Have  a nice day.

3 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. It just occurred to me that this is not the first time I have “shopped” for you 🙂

  2. I found you through “June” a couple years back and never really have commented. But I wanted to tell you I just moved to NW AR and I will gladly hook you up with hog items- just telle what you want:). I only have one hog item so far- a shirt from SAMs club that was 3.00.

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