Five on Friday

It has been a sweet week in my little corner of the world, filled with special moments and reminders and lessons.  A few thoughts:

1. Peace abounds when others walk beside you.

We’re preparing for Travis’ surgery on Monday.

As in, three days from now.

I don’t know if it’s because of his excitement (who knew that drinking Sprite in a bed that moves up and down was all that and a bag of chips?), the relative simplicity of the procedure in comparison to what he’s had done before, or the prayers of so many on our behalf, but we are not anxious in the least.

photo (120)

Both Travis and I found prayergrams in the mailbox yesterday from the Prayer Room at my home church and it was so encouraging to see how God has answered their supplication for peace and comfort for Travis as he prepares for another season of pain, healing and recovery.

I’ve been on the receiving end of these sweet notes for many years and in different circumstances.  They are all so precious to me, and many are tucked into a folder in the bottom drawer of my file cabinet so that I can pull them out and read them again.  The card I’m holding in the picture is going in the file this morning.  Written by Ms. Nelda, a long-time family friend who watched a young Susie grow up and make her way in the world, it will be clipped to another card, saved now for almost ten years, sent by her husband, Mr. Hugh, another mighty prayer warrior on behalf of my family.

There’s something so grounding about having adults in your life who stick with you, through thick and thin, always exhorting and supporting you in the good times and the rough ones. I pray that my kids will have their own Ms. Nelda and Mr. Hugh to encourage them as they blaze their own trail.  

2.  Take time to listen.

Lately I’ve been sensitive to the fact that I talk about my problems, my projects, my ideas, me, me, me, my, my, my ALL THE TIME and that maybe I should just shut up for a minute and listen.  And you know what?  It was a blessing.  For one, it blessed others by allowing them to get a word in edgewise, and for two, it deepened some friendships with precious people God has placed in my life.

And when you’re not talking, it gives you time to drink the brown sugar and cinnamon latte while it’s still hot.

photo (114)

3.  The back road many times is better than the highway.

I meandered my way through JJ’s quilt project and finally completed it.  I spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday finishing the binding.  It can be done on a sewing machine but I prefer to do it by hand because by the time I finish the quilting part, I am ready to chuck the machine through the nearest window and it’s just better if we part ways for a little while.

photo (118)

It takes several hours and much needle re-threading to get it done but the weather earlier this week was sunny and beautiful so I sat on the front porch and listened to music and waved to the neighbors and slowly, steadily made progress.

photo (117) photo (116)

Seeing a happy boy curl up on the couch with the world’s ugliest quilt makes all the hours worth the effort.

4. Life stops for the ACC Tournament.

This part of the country has an embarrassment of riches for college basketball lovers, and I am one.  No, I don’t keep up with stats and recruits and all the blah de blah blah but I love the game, especially when it comes to tournament time.  This town shuts DOWN for the ACC tournament and radios and televisions everywhere are tuned to the feed from the Greensboro Coliseum as our respective teams battle it out.  You can’t walk around the grocery store without hearing people on their cell phones talking about particular games, and I was accosted the minute I walked into T’s therapy room for the score from the State game.

It’s a happy time to be fan.

5.  The enemy of the good is the perfect.

Which is my way of saying ” I don’t have a fifth thing for today so I’ll just make something up to fill this so I don’t have to sit here for another twenty minutes trying to come up with something witty.”

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. What was the pattern on the quilt – it looks like chemical analysis reports:-) which is actually kind of cool

  2. Will keep you all in my prayers on Monday. I’m glad you are all feeling at peace. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I’m thrilled to know you are enjoying the sweet sweat of college hoops too. I’m at the PAC12 Tournament in Las Vegas with my family this week. It’s fun with three college kids and a husband who all love basketball. The LV strip is seedy to me, but I’m loving the basketball. We’re at it from 12 to 12 the last two days and got to sleep in today since the games don’t start until 6:00 tonight. Arizona is playing UCLA tonight in the semi finals. Bear down cats!

  4. That is NOT an ugly quilt! I love the colors – and since I’m a total stranger to you that means I’m right, right?

    I remember back when I was in seminary (in Wake Forest, not to be confused with AT Wake Forest) & worked in the business office, my boss would bring in a little TV so he could watch his Demon Deacons play in the tournament. We used to laugh at him – but I’m an NC State fan & rarely had room to talk. Up here in Ohio it’s more about football – but I’ll still fill out my NCAA bracket & watch it go down in flames every year 🙂

    I’ll keep ya’ll in my prayers…

  5. Love you and your heart. Praying for Travis, and feel the same way about talking about myself all the darn-time!

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve stopped in at your blog (or anyone’s blog, actually 😉 ), and I’m so glad I did. Glad to see that your boys are becoming men with size 14 feet; glad to see you are experiencing God’s peace in the midst of surgical procedures; glad to see you have made (and finished!!) a quilt, with sewing machine and nearest plate glass window still intact. And it is a pretty quilt, I don’t care what you say. May your boy heal up quickly and well and may the pain medications work their magic. Happy spring.

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