Monday Musings

We’ve had a smooth transition home from the hospital and have settled into the new care routine which looks a lot like the old care routine except with many more bathroom breaks for T (so the leg immobilizer doesn’t accidentally get wet and smell for six weeks) and constant checking to make sure his leg is still elevated and well-supported.

Someone forgot to tell Travis that he’s supposed to be in great pain and stay very still.  That boy is constantly moving in his chair and letting his leg hang off the side of the wheelchair leg rest and it’s driving his mama to distraction.  


Not so much.

He hasn’t taken any prescription pain medicine in a couple of days though we’ll load him up with a preventive dose on Wednesday when he starts back to therapy. (I have a feeling it’ll be a different story when he tries to stand up and those muscles complain mightily.) I’m so grateful that he has a strong pain tolerance and loves his therapist and works hard for her.

Tommy and JJ have tracked out for their 3rd quarter break.  We are all elated ecstatic happy that their report cards showed significant improvement in their grades because vacation time is so much more enjoyable when we’re not researching homeschool options doing math worksheets. The boys (and their mom) have been sleeping in a few extra minutes in the morning and we’ve all enjoyed a few extra pajama days courtesy of not being able to go anywhere for several more days until we get past this initial surgery recovery phase.

You’d think I would have taken advantage of the time home to catch up on all the laundry and organize the closets but you’d be wrong.  One never catches up on laundry and the closets are still relatively tidy given that I worked on that project just a few short months ago when we were homebound from the last surgery.  I can’t tell you what I’ve done, really.  If I’m honest, I think I’m just a wee bit depressed at being in this situation again. Don’t get me wrong, everything is going super fantastic.  The surgery absolutely needed to be done and we couldn’t be more pleased with T’s recovery up to this point, his great attitude, and with how well the other boys have adjusted to having their plans for The Best Trackout Ever thwarted once again.  The happiness, though, is dampened a little by this gray blanket of ick that came out of nowhere and wants to settle itself around my shoulders.

The cold weather isn’t helping the situation.

I allow myself one seasonal complaint and today’s the day.  

Before anyone sets up an intervention, I’m not the kind of depressed where you stay in bed all day curled up in a fetal position, eating Cheese Puffs and watching reruns of Judge Judy.  It’s more of a general funk that I’m sure will pass once the sun comes out and T’s mobile and we can once again interact with the outside world.  I’m going to try to throw it off this week by scheduling some friends to come over and play with me the kids, trying some new recipes, and maybe, just maybe, attempting a new sewing project if I have the nerve to face my machine again.

We parted on less-than-speaking terms a few weeks ago and it’s time we kissed and made up.  

On the bright side, my husband is home this week, Duke is still in the NCAA tournament, and we’ll be in the 60s by Easter so things are already looking up. That, and the upstairs boys are still sleeping so I have a few more minutes to savor an extra cup of coffee and the last of the expired Razorback Pop-Tarts I bought a few weeks ago .

And maybe one episode of Judge Judy.

No Cheese Puffs allowed.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Who wouldn’t be in a wee bit o’ a funk? It’s been a long winter. So glad for all the great reports re: T, T, J, & C. Perhaps this means Momma can sneak out for a pedicure.

  2. I don’t blame you a bit for feeling a bit off. This is the time of year when 50 degrees sounds heavenly and just being able to walk to the mailbox in the sun without a coat makes my day. Simple pleasures.

  3. A cup (or two…hundred) of cheer: you’ve completely saved my football off-season from being the Dark Dungeon of Despair it usually is with your suggestion to fill the hours with Downton Abbey instead. Oh my land. Oh my Matthew. I think he’s the man I’ve been holding out for all this time. My mom and I just finished the first season…in about 72 hours. We’re so hooked that I’m heading over to Target on my lunch break to get Seasons 2 and 3…and are we missing parts of Season 4?! Are new episodes available anywhere?! I’m feeling very concerned about this.

    Praying for you and your clan! Hope the sun is starting to shine a little brighter today.

  4. So glad things are going well for you. Being stuck inside makes everybody lethargic and irritable. “One never catches up on laundry.” – pearls of wisdom that deserve to be embroidered onto something.

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