Five on Good Friday

I’ve been anchoring the couch this afternoon with a blanket, frequent doses of Emergen-C and the occasional Cadbury Egg (for medicinal purposes, you understand) trying to keep the sniffles at bay.

I’m hoping to have nipped it in the bud, Andy, before it turns into A Thing.  Maybe a peanut butter egg might be a good little extra bit of insurance. 

It’s been a full week and the increased activity (and the sun finally breaking through the clouds) has boosted my spirits.  Here’s a peek at what we did and why this, indeed, is a good Friday:

1.  Spent some time in the craft room.

I  found some cute potholders on Pinterest that looked like a fun sewing project that wouldn’t take six months to complete.  Heather came over for lunch on Wednesday and talked me through some ideas for how to recreate them.  I didn’t have the rickrack to make them exactly like the inspiration pic but was generally pleased with how the first one turned out.

photo (132)

Okay, so it looked more like an oversized coaster than a potholder, but YOU GET THE IDEA.

2.  Spent some time at Ace Hardware.

The boys built a project in the middle of the den with the help of their daddy.

photo (130)


photo (131)

It’s a marshmallow shooter which means they now join Legos, Nerf darts, and Airsoft ammo on the List Of Things On The Floor That Vex Mom Greatly.

3.  Didn’t spend time in the hospital.

I was at BJ’s this morning and found this sign stating that our brand of tuna was recalled.

photo (129)

And it’s good that I found it AFTER we’d already consumed the entire lot so I didn’t have to spend time digging through old receipts for a refund.


4.  Learned new methods by which to parent.

I couldn’t be in two places at once so I asked Tommy to watch Travis for me on Wednesday while I took JJ to an orthodontist appointment.  The appointment ran much, much longer than anticipated and I knew Travis would be needing some help going to the bathroom before we could get back home.   I tried calling the house phone repeatedly but I couldn’t get an answer.  I didn’t panic, though, because I knew that Tommy would be exactly where I left him, with earbuds plugging out any sound,  obliviously playing Minecraft at the kitchen table approximately thirty feet away from where Travis was obliviously playing Wii.

Hailing Tommy was clearly not going to happen so I tried a different angle and texted Travis in an attempt to have him stop what he was doing, take his iPod to Tommy, and deliver the message.

photo (2)

And learned that T is really great at typing ‘Yes!” and completely ignoring any other instructions. That experiment failed but I learned that T has developed an epic bladder capacity because he was able to wait until I got home.


photo (1)

5.  Enjoyed a few smiles.

Therapy has resumed and it’s going well.  T was able to do some standing and put some weight on his leg without too much difficulty and Jen, his therapist, is very pleased with how willing he is to do what she asks him to do.  She says he’s her very best kid.

photo (134)

Can I tell you how much we love her? She’s just an incredibly funny, warm, patient, caring person and Travis has developed a real friendship with her.  It’s a blessing to hang out with her twice a week and to see Travis laugh and have some fun while he’s getting stronger.

photo (133)

A good Friday, indeed.

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “Five on Good Friday

  1. I know this is going to sound corny, but I loved the marshmallow shooters and the Legos and the transformers and the Nerf guns (3 so David K could have one) and the scooters. Congratulations on having boys still young enough to drive you nuts.

  2. Oh the bladder of steel – I know it well! I work part- time and Jacob is fine on his own for the 5 plus hours I’m gone. And even then, he can easily wait longer. Only person I know who can go before bed at 10 and wait until 10 the next morning to go again. You know how they say if you, for instance, can’t hear well your eyesight is better? Well I think the iron clad bladder is the wheelchair users “bonus”! LOL

  3. I had a Reeses egg for the same reason! And a latte for psychological purposes 🙂

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