Five on Friday: Easter pics and a giveaway

So, the cold from last Friday’s post turned into A Thing and I’ve not had the energy to do more than what’s minimally required.  Advil Cold and Sinus (the good kind that you have to sign for at the pharmacy counter where you’re made to feel that you’re going to take it home and use it to cook up illegal substances) was my friend as well as the three batches of chicken soup that kept me feeling warm and toasty inside while it was FREEZING COLD AND SLEETING IN APRIL, thank you very much.  But I’m better now and the weather’s warming up just in time for the weekend so we’re all going to live.

Today’s Five is a peek at the last week.

1.  Craig and I celebrated our 17th anniversary with two date nights.  We went to Mami Nora’s, a little Peruvian place in town, for rotisserie chicken and all the fixings.  It was no frills and low-key, just good food and even better company.  The boys wanted to help us celebrate as well, so the next night we decided to kick it up the fancy meter and loaded up and went to Rolesville for a real meat and potatoes dinner.

photo (140)

At least I think there was meat in there.

2. Easter was a wonderful day of worship and celebration.  The orchestra and choir raised the rafters in church and my soul was so encouraged to be with the body of Christ celebrating the highest day on our spiritual calendar.

We were running late (as usual) Sunday morning so I didn’t get pictures made before our hair was flattened by the rain, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to document the boys looking so handsome in their matching shirts (I still love to dress them alike on Easter and can’t believe they still let me get away with it).

photo (142) photo (141)

And forgive the washed out filter but it was the best way to cover the large stripe of gray roots that I couldn’t cover up.

3.  One is never too sick to miss a hair appointment.  By Tuesday, all evidence of 43 was gone.

photo (143)

Except for the laugh lines and permanent forehead wrinkle; my fear of needles precludes the use of Botox so, for now, I’m learning acceptance.

4.  The boys are learning to accept a new mantle of responsibility.  Their father introduced them to this newfangled contraption called a lawnmower.

photo (139)

I think it’ll be a while before they get the hang of it (there were wide swaths of uncut grass on the first attempt) but they liked the folding money that came at the end of the job so, for know, they (and especially their father) are pretty gung ho on the idea.

Plus they got to play with the box.

photo (137) photo (138)

5.  It’s been a long time since there was a give-away opportunity on the blog and today I’m having one for local readers (or readers within driving distance or readers who have friends in town or within driving distance).  As I mentioned some time ago, I’m co-chairing an upcoming women’s conference, Life Extraordinary, which will be held two weeks from tomorrow on Saturday, April 20th at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh.  My registration fee ($45) for the event has already been paid for by the conference committee in exchange for staying awake all night sweating the details and I feel so strongly about the spiritual growth and encouragement that’s going to come out of that day that I want to pay it forward for some other woman. I want you to go.  For free.

General rules:

1.  If you’re local, have not yet registered, and want to attend, please leave a comment today.

2.  If only one person leaves a comment, the registration will be hers.  If more than one person wants to attend, I’ll have  a random drawing and announce the winner next Wednesday.

3.  For those who are out of town/out of state; if you have a local friend that would like to come, or want to get out of town and put yourself up in a hotel,  feel free to enter; I only ask that if you’re entering on someone else’s behalf that you check with them ahead of time to make sure their schedules are clear so they can take advantage of the offer if you win the drawing.

4. Please check the conference website for topics, times, etc.  Childcare is not available.

5.  I will contact the winner by email after making the announcement on the blog and will then take care of registering them myself.

In other words, I won’t be sending anyone a $45 check and telling them to register.

Because even though I’m hopped up on cold medicine, I still have my wits about me.   

I think that’s all the information you need.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or leave them in comments.

Good luck, and I hope to see you there.

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “Five on Friday: Easter pics and a giveaway

  1. Dottie scates

    Love your hair. Love the looks on all three faces staring at the lawn mower. They just need their Grandpa telling them ,that, if they would get busy, they could do it in ten minutes.

  2. Well, I would love to go! And I’m not too proud to enter a giveaway! So consider me commented. You all looked lovely on Easter. Well, you looked lovely. Your menfolk looked handsome. I hope lots of people comment, though, so I won’t feel guilty. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of the church! I know it will rock.

  3. Obviously I’m not posting to enter your giveaway since 1) I’m male, 2) I’m not local, and 3) the only female I really know in Raleigh is you.

    My only reason for posting is to ask … is Tommy really almost shoulder to shoulder with Craig? Good googily-moogily.

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