Be my guest

What an interesting week in the news. 

What little news I’ve heard, that is.  I’ve put the house on media restriction since I have a little one who has become a bit of a news junkie like his mom and who is currently building a bunker because he’s convinced that Kim Jong Un has a missile pointed straight at his bedroom. 

I told him that nobody’s taking out North Carolina because we gave birth to Krispy Kreme.

For now that seems to be working.

The big news for me was that Margaret Thatcher died which means that my imaginary dinner party lost one of its most-honored guests.  Do you have a guest list for the perfect imaginary dinner party?  I keep one in my head and update it from time to time depending on who fascinates me.  Mrs. Thatcher had been on the list since its inception along with Jeanne Kirkpatrick (distinguished alumnus from my elementary school in Duncan, Oklahoma, and who inspired me to study politics), Peter Jennings (who said “Nicaragua” perfectly on-air), Jesus (someone has to say the blessing), and Tom Selleck (who smiled at me from the poster on my closet door and was my first celebrity crush).

If I had to stick to people who could knock on the door tomorrow, these days my list would be a little more eclectic:  Uncle Si (every party needs a good storyteller), Charlie Rose (to keep the conversation flowing and make us all feel a little smarter), Michael Weatherly (geeky NCIS fan girl alert), Cardinal Timothy Dolan (we still need a blessing), and Alton Brown (because someone has to cook).

All-male guest list.  Hmmmm.

Of course, there’s always the fictional characters guest list:  The Dowager Countess from  Downton Abbey, Father Tim from Mitford (blessing), Charlotte (from the web), Cherry Ames (who I wanted as a big sister), James Bond (the Daniel Craig version, please and amen), and Lizzie Bennett and Mr. Darcy would be welcome at my table.

Or Lizzie could stay home. 

Just sayin.

There’s the Biblical list:  Paul (can we get a definitive answer on what was the thorn in his flesh?), Martha (I so identify with her), Joseph (the Old Testament one because, wow, talk about someone who learned how to bloom where they were planted), Moses (who taught me about deserts), Peter (brash, impulsive, no filter, and yet beloved), the lame man at the pool and the woman at the well (would love to see where their lives went from there), Joshua (who taught me to be strong and courageous), Nehemiah (who taught me about leadership), and of course, Jesus because He is my very breath and life.

And because he has that whole prayer thing down plus if we run out of wine…

Have a nice day.

P.S. We have a winner for the conference giveaway.  I’ve put Kristen on the guest list for next week where we’ll be eating a boxed lunch with 500 of our closest friends.

The fellowship will be oh, so sweet.


4 responses to “Be my guest

  1. This post absolutely made my day. Made my day. I thought I was the only one who just lurved Cherry Ames so much. 🙂 And, you had me at Peter Jennings, and of course, Maggie Thatch & Jesus. Xo

  2. Love, Love, Love this.

    Have a great day!

  3. WOOO HOOOO!!! YAY!! Thank you so much!! Bless you, friend. God has a message for me.

  4. Laurie Johnson Anderson

    What happened to Mark Harmon? Shouldn’t he be included? I think we discussed this in Geometry class in 1985.

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