Five on Friday: The Sibling Edition

Somewhere in Oklahoma, three men just read the title of this post and are steeling themselves for what’s to come…..


According to Facebook, there’s a new national holiday called Siblings Day.  I’ve not heard of it before and I’m hoping it’s not a recognized card-sending event because somewhere in my desk drawer I have a growing collection of beautiful  cards unsent for various events through the years (high school graduation card for my nephew who is now done with college and married, 40th birthday cards for people who are now 52, a “congratulations on your new home” card for my friend that’s moved four times since then…you get the picture).

But who doesn’t love a bandwagon and I’ll jump on this one even though I’m so far behind at this point I’m liable to be left sitting in the middle of the road eating dust so today’s Five is a pictorial review dedicated to my siblings whom I adore. (147)

Clearly, the adoration started early but I’m hoping Paul washed his hands before sticking his finger down my throat.

2. photo (148)

I’d like to think Steve was wrapping his protective arms around his baby brother and sister to keep us from an untimely death but more likely than not, it was to keep us from scampering off into the sunset.

We were wiggly ones, we were.

3.  photo (146)

Love the color coordination on this one and how Jonathan rocked the plaid overalls.

4.  photo (144)

One of my favorite pictures ever.



And they lived happily ever after.

Have a nice day, boys.  I love ya’.


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