It is conference week which means it’s on like bing-bong, Jack.

Please tell me you watch Duck Dynasty.  I realize it’s the complete anti-matter to Downton Abbey but you must watch it so we can be friends or so you don’t think I’ve gone off my rocker by saying things like “it’s on like bing-bong.”

We have over 500 women showing up Saturday morning and there are still great and mighty things to accomplish before then, first of which is breathing into a paper bag and second of which is releasing anxiety about details over which I have no control.  Everything is planned and over-planned and capable people have done what they need to do but I have always over-achieved at obsessing and worrying over details so SUS IS A LITTLE HIGH STRUNG.

Probably finishing the 4th cup of coffee and starting the 5th doesn’t help.

The kids started back to school yesterday and all God’s people said “Amen”.  We are in the last 9 weeks of 7th grade and the boys are looking forward to being done with this school year which has kicked their collective bootays.  Everyone’s a little happier to be standing at the bus stop in warm weather and Mama’s extra happy that the boys are back in shorts and no one is walking out the door with highwaters.

Managing pants length with teenage boys who grow overnight is, um, challenging.

In other news, I’m running again.  Well, let me rephrase.  Yesterday’s run was more of a wheezed walking with intervals of jogging right up to the point I inadvertently ran through a curtain of bag worms that were hanging from a tree branch over the sidewalk and then it turned into an all-out sprint complete with head shaking, arm-waving, and bouts of jerk-kicking as I attempted to get the crawlies off my head, back, face, and chest.  Oh, it was a sight for the morning commuters, I’m sure.  I was so covered that thirty minutes after I got back, I was still picking them off my neck and arms as they continued their crawl out of my hair.

photo (150)


After that little episode, there’s no wonder why I’m a little over the edge.


Have a nice day.




3 responses to “Gah!

  1. Not to be a negative “Nellie”, but are you sure God’s not speaking to you about changing your form of exercise? 😉

  2. P.S. The conference will go swimmingly, Dori. Just keep swimming. xxxooo

  3. Um, seriously, my running career would o.v.e.r if a bag of worms fell on me. I wouldn’t be able to come home and blog about it, I’d have to be committed. You are seriously brave….

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