My parents are here!

Excuse the absence; Mom and Dad are visiting this week. We’ve been running errands, making and eating chocolate pie, planning the appropriate meal to showcase Nana’s famous banana pudding which the kids requested about six seconds after they saw her, and spending all our time talking, talking, talking.

And then collapsing in a joyful heap at the end of the day, grateful for more time to do it again.

We’ve been in project mode.  Travis’ room still looks like it did when we moved in almost two years ago, boxes stacked in the corner, walls blank, and no real closet strategy to speak of.  He wanted a travel theme so we’re going with a navy and grassy green color scheme and using some mementos from our trips over the years for decorations.  We found new bedding, framed a poster from our St. Louis trip, and Mom helped me make a French memo board to put above his bed where we’ll pin post cards and pictures of famous landmarks around the world.  (I’ll show pictures later – super happy with how it turned out.)

Today, Dad and I are putting in some shelving in T’s closet to better manage his clothes and Mom and I are making curtains for his room using the leftover fabric from the memo board we made. (Scored three yards of beautiful navy twill at the Methodist thrift shop for $4. Sweet!) Then if we get all that done, Mom and I are treating ourselves to a little trip to Ulta to play with the makeup.

The day is busy but my heart is full.

Have a nice day.



7 responses to “My parents are here!

  1. Do you want a picture from Taiwan, and a postcard from Uganda for his board? I can make the former happen now, and I can certainly take care of the latter when we travel!!! 🙂

  2. Bliss out, Girl! You’ve more than earned it. I think I may be able to score a postcard from Ghana.

  3. Enjoy, enjoy! I know how precious those times are. My parents arrive in 11 days and 7 hours, but who’s counting? Me! Have a splendid, full day!

  4. Wow enjoy the time with your parents. Please tell them to come by TN on their way home and spend the night with us, or at least come by for a meal together! We would love to have them!
    Yvonne and Joe Bruce

  5. So glad you’re having awesome family time. It’s the best source for memories!

  6. I love to read about life when your parents are in town…your joy jumps out of you, into the computer, and all over me after reading! Have a blessed visit…and ask for two pans of banana pudding! 🙂

  7. So glad you can enjoy fam time. Blessing!

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