Monday Musings


It’s a cool, gray, rainy day in Raleigh.  My parents left this morning at the crack of dawn to begin their journey back to Oklahoma.  What is it with parents who leave in a rush first thing in the morning?  They were out the door at 7:06 which was six minutes past their stated departure time so I’m sure Dad was getting twitchy. Is there something written in the parent manual that says you have to leave before the brew cycle has finished on the morning pot of coffee? My parents aren’t the only ones that do it (I’m looking at you, in-laws) because from what I hear from friends, their parents do the exact same thing.

Dear Parents Everywhere,

You are welcome in our home.  Please don’t rush off early in the morning.  We haven’t had our morning cup of coffee yet and can’t even formulate a proper goodbye.  Take your time.  We aren’t anxious for you to leave, you aren’t in our way as we get ready for school and work, and when you bolt out the door before the sun is even up, we might even think you can’t wait to get away from us.  Sit a spell.  Have another cup of coffee.  Heck, have even ONE cup.  Let rush hour die down.  There’s plenty of daylight left and we’d love to spend a minute or two of it with you.


Your Adult Children

It promises to be a restful day.  Mom helped me get completely caught up on the laundry and since she forced me, FORCED ME, I tell you, to put it away, there’s very little to do this morning other than pick up the kitchen and straighten the den and living room from a weekend’s worth of lounging.  At some point I’ll have to think about feeding my people.  We ate out a little more than usual this past week because I was too busy shopping and gabbing with Mom and Dad to be bothered with cooking.  We took them out to Mellow Mushroom and the little Salvadoran place and Five Guys and what little I did feed them at home was really just a prelude for the star dessert that Mom made.

In addition to chocolate pie she made two huge pans of her famous banana pudding while she was here and forever ruined the boys for the easy version I usually slap together when they beg.

Mom’s recipe requires using the Kitchen-Aide mixer. 

You know, labor intensive.  

I wish I could say we went sight-seeing and gallivanting all over town but we didn’t do that this trip.  We mainly spent our time doing the little things around the house that need to be done: folding, washing, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and hammering a nail here and there.

Oh, and making my bed.  Yes, my mother told me to make my bed and then checked up on me to see if I did it. 

Because I’m still a toddler.

But having them here to talk to and visit with over coffee and laundered towels was what I needed more than seeing flowers blooming at Duke Gardens or wandering the shops at City Market.  They are two of my favorite people on this planet and such a delight to have around.   My heart is happy for our time together and sad that they’re gone.  I will miss them until we can see each other again this summer.

I hope your weekend was equally delightful and productive.

Have a nice day.

3 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Your parents visit and departure sounds SOO familiar. It is exactly the way we do things when the folks from Georgia traipse out this way. Mom gets me caught up on ironing, dad hammers a few nails, mom cooks deliciously fattening things, they take each of the kids out separately to a favorite restaurant (including me) and then we all go out too much too. And yes, when they say goodbye, the coffee is still brewing and they’re telling me they’ll grab a cup at the McDonald’s on I-10 instead. I’m a little hurt, but I know I’m in good company with the rest of the adult children in the world whose parents are also dashing off while the birds are still singing their morning songs.

    I know today may feel a little mellow, so I’m praying a special cheer-up prayer for you. I know you feel blessed, but blue. I’ll be right there in a couple of weeks when my parents dart out too. Just know I’m praying for you today and for your parents as they travel home.


  2. Oh my- the leaving before the crack of dawn thing will SOOOOO be me and Jack. Wait… I think it already is. There is nothing Jack hates worse than to get home from a trip without adequate time to “unwind.” Just know it’s not you- it’s them. 🙂

  3. They are two of my favorite people on this planet and such a delight to have around. That blessed my socks off! Guess we are the exceptions as the parents (probably ’cause my engines don’t start firing until mid morning, nothing to do with coffee). We let them get off to school/work before we leave…

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