My day

I’m sitting in the car typing this with thumbs while I wait between appointments, so please ignore typos and weird alignment. Today is See A Medical Professional Day. I just dropped JJ off at school from the dentist and have a few minutes to kill before signing Tommy out to see the doctor. And then it’ll be time to meet the bus and take Travis to therapy.

Death by a thousand co-pays.

I ran errands yesterday after my hair appointment and successfully erased signs of 43. I didn’t make any style adjustments which should come as no surprise to anyone. My hair has been basically the same since the 5th grade, varying only in length and sometimes in curl depending on whether or not perms were the rage.

Ranger Rick Beauty Tip: Women with unusually thick hair should avoid the spiral perm. I have the picture from a 1988 student ID card to prove it.

Then I went to Pottery Barn Kids to buy a gift off the registry for a baby shower I’m attending this weekend. And then I went to the bank to take out a second mortgage. It’s a good thing we are out of the baby business because I could do some serious damage in that store. The baby-to-be-born is a girl so I had a legitimate excuse to wander the pink side and even though I found the gift quickly, I spent a few minutes exploring and mentally outfitting my future granddaughter’s room.

Let’s hope she likes pink.

Grandma’s gonna’ have some pent up spending to do.

After the baby store, I drove to Petco to pick up some food, a bed, and toys for Max (today!today!) and discovered that I’m not the only one with a lock on crazy. Did you know they make mood enhancers, poop deodorizer, and anxiety wear for cats? Me, neither.





I spent more time figuring out what kind of food would make Kitty happy than I spent meal planning for the teenaged two-legged children, ultimately coming away with the one that sounded the most nutritious thereby ensuring that he’ll turn his nose up at the bowl, fitting right in with the rest of the crew.

Then I went home and spent the afternoon worrying about him getting lost in the house and missing his mother.

Maybe they have that anxiety shirt in extra small.

And Xanax in extra large.

Have a nice day.

One response to “My day

  1. One down, 37 more to go until Crazy Cat Woman status.

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