Five on Friday: The Crazy Cat Lady Edition

He’s here.

And I’m over the moon.

photo (168)

He has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen and the squeakiest tiny meow and he’s wrapped all of us around his pinky pad paws.  Today’s Five is All About Max.

1.  He hails from the mountains of Western North Carolina and is just over 5 weeks old.  My friend Amy brought him to me (he was born to her grandmother’s cat) Wednesday afternoon and I had a few hours to play with him before the boys came home.

photo (166)

I introduced him to his food and his litter box and was not at all obsessed with making sure he could chew and swallow the kitten chow.

photo (157)

2.  The boys were excited to meet him.  They’ve been begging for a replacement pet since the day Cosmo met his untimely end the fox and the second they walked through the door we made introductions.

photo (164)

The kids aren’t too keen about holding him yet since his claws are razor sharp but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been loving on him.  They’re all constantly taking pictures of him and Tommy has decided Max needs to learn to play DS.

photo (163)photo (162)

Please excuse the assault rifle on the chair.

I have squirrel issues.

3.  Since he’s a little young, we’re having to teach him a few things.  He doesn’t know that he can eat by himself so, for now, I’m having to accompany him into the laundry room for feeding time and I’m also having to teach him that kitty litter is meant for disposal, not consumption.

photo (167)

4.  He loves to climb (mainly my leg) and explore and pounce and skitter across the floor, but mainly, he enjoys sleeping.  A boy after his mama’s heart.

photo (159)photo (160)

photo (161)

5.  No, I haven’t done a single thing since he got here other than this.

photo (158)maxandme

Welcome to the family, Max. We’re all a little crazy about you.

photo (155)

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “Five on Friday: The Crazy Cat Lady Edition

  1. I read your blog all the time and never comment (sorry) but the excuse the assault rifle on the chair comment make me laugh out loud!!! 🙂

  2. OH so cute!!! Love the pictures – be sure to post the growth progress!

  3. It all sounds perfectly normal to me, including the rifle…we have groundhog issues here : )

  4. Oh Susan – he’s precious. Loved all the pictures. Not only are Brent and I cat lovers…..we are very partial to yellow kitties. Welcome to the family cousin Max!

  5. He is so tiny (and absolutely adorable). Just don’t let him go off to college…ever.

  6. The first and last pictures are just presh!!!!!! All the others are good too (the assault rifle made me giggle) but the first and last are my favorite. Happy happy happy. And I’m not even a cat person. 🙂

  7. PRETTY!!!

  8. My favorite sentences of the entry were:

    “Please excuse the assault rifle on the chair.
    I have squirrel issues.”

    We have a cat that used to be a kitten that looks like yours. Unfortunately, he’s now a member of the family too. Enjoy the kitten days.

  9. Too adorable for words. Even though my kitties are 14 and 56, there are days I don’t get much done either.

  10. Umm, not 56. 5. 56 would be impossible.

  11. Love love love! We would like to schedule a field trip.

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