In which it’s clear why my pants don’t fit

What a nice Mother’s Day weekend.  Usually the kids or Craig have Saturday plans lined up but, for once, the social plans belonged to me.  I attended a baby shower for one of Craig’s co-workers and it was a beautiful affair, even nicer than my own wedding reception.

I got married before Pinterest.

Thank the Lord.

photo (177)

The mom-to-be is known for her fashion sense and the party reflected it.  The details were incredible – an artfully arranged buffet, a fabulous mimosa bar, hydrangeas gathered in mason jars gracing the dessert table, and color-coordinated everything.

I left with tons of decorating ideas and a to-do list that including plans for throwing a party just so I could have an excuse to buy a tiered cupcake stand like this one.

photo (176)

And make a kiwi and blackberry salad.

photo (175)

Sunday we went to church and afterward, at my request, went downtown for the Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo street festival for lunch.

photo (174)

The kids were a little miffed that I didn’t choose IHOP but after seeing five blocks of food trucks from which to choose, they changed their mind.  Making a decision was oh, so hard. Pizza? Korean? Low-country?  After wandering for half an hour, Tommy, Travis and I decided that Only Burger was a good place to start.  Craig headed over to sample Stoke and Smoke, a frequent competitor on the BBQ circuit, and JJ thought the bratwurst from Baguetteaboutit was too good to pass.

photo (173) photo (172)

photo (171)

We saved room for dessert and hit up LocoPops for a chocolate brownie popsicle and then the kettle corn place for what we thought was a bag to share but Travis had other ideas.

photo (170)

And then Craig mentioned that Krispy Kreme was conveniently on the way home.

And the box was conveniently in my lap.

photo (169)

I’ll never tell how many went missing before we pulled into the driveway because every woman has her secrets but I will say this:  All’s fair in love and doughnuts.

photo (178)

Have a nice day. 


6 responses to “In which it’s clear why my pants don’t fit

  1. LOVE.IT.ALL. Though I will never share your passion for street food–unless they’re selling elephant ears.

  2. I almost went to the food truck rodeo solely for Captain Poncho’s tacos. Closest thing to Mexico I’ve ever found. I’ve begun stalking that truck.

  3. I really could never choose!! I am sure it is all delicious. I would just have buyers remorse for the entire lunchtime….what if those carnitas tacos were better than my amazing brie grilled cheese. Couldn’t handle it.

    Glad you had a great day!!

  4. I’m sure you froze the leftovers, right?

  5. haha I love you. Also, glad I also got married before pinterest. Phew 🙂

  6. Glad you had a great Mother’s Day!

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