Monday Musings

I was so happy to look at the calendar this morning and see “No events scheduled” because we crammed a lot into the last three days and I’d like to use today as a do-over.

JJ was home “sick” Friday morning and it was the kind of sick where he probably could have gone to school but he was hacking up a lung and the nurse probably would have called me to take him home for fear he spreading SARS, MERS, or whatever we’re calling the latest contagion. So I hauled him all over Wake County because if he was sick he wasn’t going to stay home and play Minecraft so we went to church to pick up VBS material, to SportsClips for a trim (I told him it would  make him feel better to have a new haircut – somehow that didn’t work for him as much as it does for me), and then to Crazy Fire for lunch because he and I are the only ones that like it so we have to sneak in those moments when we can.

While we were eating, Heather texted to say her kids wanted to go to AgFest and did I want to come along and JJ was sufficiently perked up by his third helping of beef noodles to agree that it sounded like a wonderful idea.  So we went and walked around in the blazing hot sun and looked at some tractors, wandered the petting zoo, picked through the flea market junk, and giggled a little in the exhibitor’s hall.

photo (182)

I have no words.

Saturday was a blur of birthday parties, shopping for birthday parties fifteen minutes before they started, dropping off and picking up from birthday parties, and cleaning house to prepare for overnight guests.  We’d volunteered to be an overnight host home for two members of Azusa Pacific University’s choir and orchestra who were in town to perform at our church’s Sunday morning services.  The two girls who stayed with us were just adorable.  They were incredibly polite, engaging, gracious, and stellar representatives of their university and I wished I had half their poise and confidence at that age.

And their junior-sized jeans.

I went into “mom mode” when I found out they’d already been on the road for two weeks and told them to bring their laundry downstairs for washing.  I didn’t know they made clothes that tiny.

Also? Didn’t know that you can do three loads of laundry in two hours.   

Don’t tell my husband.  He thinks it takes a week.

They had to be at church at the crack of dawn Sunday morning for sound check and you might think we would have taken advantage of getting up so early and attended the early service but, no, even with the extra hour and a half, we still arrived late.  The concert was beautiful and their rendition of Unto the Lamb is still ringing in my heart a day later and since I couldn’t find a video of an APU performance with good sound quality, I’ve had this version from Prestonwood on repeat for the last twenty-four hours. Take five minutes and have your devotions done for the day.


And try not be alarmed at the, um, colorful clothing, big Texas hair, and Baptists raising their hands in church.

Have a nice day.



One response to “Monday Musings

  1. Um, my kids might have had something to do with the positioning of that cat pillow. It wasn’t there when we arrived…

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