Five on Friday: The Crafty Edition

I dropped by Heather’s earlier this week while she was in the middle of making a Memorial Day/summer banner to hang in her kitchen and it was so stinkin’ cute that I spent the rest of the week chasing down the supplies to make one of my own and texted her a thousand times to ask questions because, of course, she winged it and didn’t really have a pattern that I could follow.

I tried not to be bitter to be happy that the Lord blessed her with natural talent.

photo (191)

Using this picture I took at Heather’s as a guide, I sorta’ winged my own project this afternoon and was generally pleased with how it turned out so today’s Five is Five Easy Steps You Can Take To Make Your Own Cheerful Banner.

Disclaimer:  I am a sloppy and impatient crafter.  I rarely measure accurately, I never wait for anything to dry, and I’m never really sure of what I’m doing. Take all these instructions with a grain of salt and feel free to improve upon them.

1.  Buy burlap (yard and half?) at the fabric store and cut 5 triangles (two for the stars and three for the stripes).  Mine are roughly 9 inches wide at the base and measure 12 inches at the end of the point.

2.  Cut out five or six stars (however many float your boat- the number isn’t important) using an online template, Cricut machine, or plain ole freehand and affix the stars to the burlap in preparation for painting.  For the striped triangles, cut 3 2″ wide strips of paper.

photo (192)

I used a little piece of two-sided tape to hold the paper cutouts in place.  Heather used freezer paper to make her cutouts and then she ironed them onto the burlap so they’d be more secure.

See above re: I am impatient.

photo (193)


3.  Using acrylic craft paint (I used Navy for the stars and Holiday Red for the stripes) paint the entire triangle and then remove the cutouts.

photo (194) photo (195)

4.  After the triangles have dried enough to where you can handle them without dripping paint everywhere, measure out a length of jute and run a bead of hot glue along it and affix the stars and stripes (in that order) to the rope being very careful to not touch the fleshy part of your hand to the scalding hot tip of the glue gun.

Because it hurts like a *%*#!*&%*@#%*&(@&%&*!%*.

photo (196)

5.  Stand back and feel pretty sporty until you realize you’re going to have to put nails in the fireplace mantle to hold it up and  the husband probably isn’t going to like that idea.

photo (197)

Have a nice day.





4 responses to “Five on Friday: The Crafty Edition

  1. Love! And I love the impatient crafting technique.

  2. I think it looks awesome and so festive! 🙂

  3. Very cute!!

  4. Oh how I love this! Command stocking holders are the way to go, friend! Hooray! Banners for every season!

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