Five on Friday: F is for Feelings

1.  Feeling a little sad and low-key today.

Had one of those parenting moments last night that takes the wind out of your sails when we discovered, quite by accident, that one of the kids had violated our trust and the family rules about access to social media.  We had a long talk last night about the big things: honesty, reputation, integrity, honor. We listened to a lot of wailing and pronouncements that life would now cease to exist because apparently a kid without an iPod is a nobody.


2.  On the other hand, feeling peppy.

I discovered a new use for the leftover Via packets from our two hospital stays in the last ten months.  Someone posted a breakfast frappucino recipe that blends almond milk, a coffee packet, protein powder, and ice cubes and it is delicious and makes you perky.  I have a feeling that this will be my go-to drink this summer.

3.  Feeling like I need to retake biology.

Turns out Max? Might be Maxine.  We’d requested a male and didn’t think to verify when he arrived three weeks ago.  Last night, my friend Amy emailed to say we might need to take a peek because another male kitten from the litter who’d gone to another family turned out to be female.  So, we did and it turns out that there were a few parts missing (unless they appear later and aren’t you glad you showed up today for a little sex ed lesson at Carpool Queen) so until we can get to the vet next week for the new kitten exam, we’re just calling him Pat.


4.  Feeling ready for school to be over.

Every morning this week, we’ve barely made it out to the curb on time for the bus.  Two mornings, in fact, T’s bus was waiting for us.  The end of the year drudgery is in full bloom and we have bouquets all over the house.  I’m sure you’ve already seen the post from Jen Hatmaker on the subject – it was popping up on my Facebook and Twitter feed yesterday – but in case you haven’t, she captured the sentiments of every single mom in America with this blog post.

5.  Feeling sporty.  And sore.

I started P90X last week BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHY.  It’s an hour commitment, six days a week, and no one in the history of the world has ever wept so loudly with rejoicing as I did over the one measly rest day given to me on Tuesday.

Oh. My. Stars.

Which I see, by the way as I’m hanging my head between my knees to keep from passing out.

Have a nice day.

4 responses to “Five on Friday: F is for Feelings

  1. 1. Hate it. Been there. Done that. So hard b/c we want to trust so much. Also hard b/c, even if we know that we’re right….just stinks. And takes a while to feel close again.
    2. You go with your peppy-Via self. Look for those Via packets on your hospital bill. 😉
    3.Pat. LOVE. Sorry about the missing parts. We’re a female pet household, so, I guess…Solidarity!
    4. Again, I say…solidarity.
    5. Can’t be solidarity-ified on this one. But…You go with your P90X sore self.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Thank you SO much for the link to the blog! I let John stay home today just because I didn’t want to get up and take him (long story).

  3. It must be a God thing – just opened the NorthStar (Baptist Association) newsletter and saw that Jen Hatmaker will be the guest speaker at the Womens conference in January. Wouldn’t have caught my eye without you.

  4. 1. *sigh* As parents we always know there will be times like this which, in the humongous scheme of things it’s not a horrible thing, But boy do they have a way of knocking us down. 😦
    2. I have an unopened box of Via packets in my desk drawer at work. I’m very excited to try this!
    3. Thank you for the sex talk. Wait. That didn’t sound right. Thank you for the biology lesson.
    4. I kept telling Katie to read the post, read the post, READ THE POST! But being 18 and all she didn’t have time. So I read it out loud to her this afternoon. I swear it gets funnier.
    5. I’ve been doing P1A. For most of my life. There’s a lot of sitting and holding of books and such. It’s pretty cool, but I haven’t noticed any results yet.

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