In which I try to make a post out of ordinariness

Not a whole lot to say about what’s been going on in Raleigh for the past few days.  I sit down to write a post and then realize there’s not a lot to be written about making meatballs, washing clothes, and thinking of new names for the he cat that turned out to be a she.

Seriously, I’m going to have to rename her Princess Buttercup or something equally girly because I cannot unsee a boy every time I look at him.

I mean her.

Craig returns tomorrow from his week-long trip to California.  He left the house at 3:00 Sunday afternoon and didn’t arrive at his hotel until 2:00 Monday morning after weather delays required rerouting him to a different destination where he had to get a rental car and drive through the middle of the night to his destination.  His luggage arrived 48 hours later.  Since he’s 6’7″, it’s not as though he can wander into his friendly neighborhood clothing store and find pants that are long enough but fortunately there was a Nordstrom nearby and they carry the length he needs and boyfriend really doesn’t need much of an excuse to shop  was able to go into the office looking semi-respectable Monday morning.

I’ll be ready to have him back.  We’re usually not super chatty in the evening (I’ve run out of words by then) but I miss having him on the couch next to me late at night while we’re simultaneously watching Food Network and chit-chatting about the bits of news scrolling through our Twitter feeds. 

We lead an exciting life, is what I’m saying.

I’ve been running a few errands this week.  The boys’ birthday is fast approaching so I’ve been on the lookout for gifts.  In some ways it’s hard to believe they’ll be 14 but in others it’s clear that my boys are growing up.  This transition phase has been tricky and I’m not super confident that I’m handling it well but I’m doing the best I can with what I have and trusting the Lord to step in and redeem where I have failed.  Yesterday I was reading BooMama’s book, A Little Salty To Cut The Sweet, and she was talking about a mighty struggle she had and some good advice that a friend gave her to remember times when the Lord had been good to her and when He had worked mighty things in her life and how that was such an encouragement to her to go back and recount His faithfulness.  It was just the word I needed.  I could fill a book with chapters left over as to how He’s been faithful to me in so many ways and it was a good reminder that the same God who guided and protected me through so much in my life loves my children as fiercely as He loves me.  He will not fail.

Didn’t mean to go off and get thinky there on you but it has been that sort of week.

Moving on.

In other earthshattering news, I got new tires on the van yesterday so I won’t hydroplane all over the interstate when Tropical Storm Andrea comes through town in the next few days.  I didn’t want to wait in the tire center while the men worked on my car because the fumes from the rubber make me sick to my stomach so I wandered over to Marshalls to kill time and ended up buying a denim skirt because I think it may be the summer of skirts and dresses instead of shorts because I cannot decide on a shorts length that I like and we all know how The Management feels about capris.

Then I went to Archivers to look at a Silhouette Cameo machine that I’m thinking about buying because I need a new crafting hobby because I’ve clearly mastered the four hundred and thirty-seven other ones I’ve started and abandoned. 

This is what happens when you have right-brained friends. They convince you that you, too, can be right-brained when IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN, SISTER but hope springs eternal.

And then I met my friend Amy for lunch at the Vietnamese place that’s my new favorite hole-in-the-wall and we had some sort of noodle dish while we talked about our problems and decided that taking a tropical vacation was the solution to most of them.  And then, in lieu of taking said vacation, we walked over to the Dollar Store and bought plastic snakes to help her get rid of the birds nesting by her front door. 

Sometimes the best solutions are easy.

Have a nice day.

2 responses to “In which I try to make a post out of ordinariness

  1. Great post – I love stories of lives equally as exciting as mine (bah!) and to tell you that I love my Silhouette Cameo! It is the crafting bomb!!

  2. a post that made me smile- just like CPQ

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