Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Craig is usually a very quiet sleeper and doesn’t flip and flop and take over half the bed and he would say it’s because someone else has already taken that real estate and he knows it’s useless to even try to encroach the territory.

I may or may not be a little restless through the night. I could blame changing hormone levels but I’ve been that way for years. The perfect sleeping position eludes me. I’ll start out on my side, then my shoulder will hurt, so I’ll flip to the other side until it starts to complain, then on my stomach for 2 minutes and then on my back until that gets boring and then the cycle starts all over again. Craig just rolls over and goes to sleep. No drama, no constant cover readjusting, and rarely any dreams that he can remember in the morning.

Early this morning I was startled from my sleep by a sound best described as a gurgling howl and as I started to clear the fog to figure out where it was coming from, I got karate-chopped out of nowhere by a slumbering husband who at that moment was dreaming that someone was peering through the window. Could he not have talked to that person? Asked him to go away? Called the police? No, apparently he had to go all Hong Kong Phooey on him.


So after that abrupt start to the day, things can now only go up. I’m currently sitting in the waiting room at the mechanic’s for an oil change and then I’m headed to church for a meeting about the next women’s conference, and then it’s off to Michael’s to get some craft adhesive and some decorative ribbon for a project I’m working on.


It’s been a crafty sort of week already. I spent most of yesterday morning in the resource room at the church working on some room decorations for Vacation Bible School next week. We’re doing the Colossal Coaster World theme this year and I totally ripped off my friend Cissy’s idea for her room and drew a big coaster with a Ferris wheel peeking out behind it. It takes up most of one wall in the classroom which was my chief goal because now I can fill in the smaller spaces with some posters I bought at Lifeway because they can draw pictures better than I.


They’re calling back to say my car is ready, so I need to scoot. Hope your day is delightful.

Have a nice day.


2 responses to “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

  1. So obviously your sleeping form is similar to mine…restless with vivid, ridiculous dreams. Well I guess even mild-sleeping hubbies get to experience the wild ride of fitful sleep occasionally! What a startle that must have been! Good luck with all your craftiness!

  2. I do not understand how my husband can lay down to sleep…and fall asleep right away. That skill eludes me.
    We are doing VBS this week. Same theme. I am the assistant director and the title is tongue twister to me…much to the delight of the children. And several adults. I’m okay with that though because this is the one week out of the year that I am totally goofy and don’t mind playing the fool.
    Have a wonderful VBS and plant those seeds or water last year’s VBS seeds because the harvest is coming.

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