Monday Musings

photo (206)

We got back from our trip last Wednesday afternoon and it took a couple of days to decompress and reenter the real world, the one where Mom’s chicken salad doesn’t magically appear on the table and where family isn’t just down the road.  Yes, re-entry is always a little hard but I’ve learned to give myself a little extra emotional room to mourn, ponder, and mope. After an appropriate amount of time or when the kids say “Mom, we’ve eaten cereal for three days”  the sun starts to peek through the clouds and I get my bearings and life gets back to normal at Casa de Carpool.

We have two weeks left of our summer vacation before we begin 8th grade.  You don’t know how happy I am to type the number 8 because lemme’ tell you it was TOUCH AND GO whether we’d be moving on at the end of the year but the boys were on the receiving end of a whole lotta’ grace from the school system and I think we’ve all learned our lesson about how important it is to actually turn in the homework that Mom helped you do so that you get a grade for all her hard work and hopefully next year will be much better.

Please, please, please, let it be better. I can’t afford more frequent trips to the hairdresser to cover the gray.

Speaking of trips, I need to talk about ours to Oklahoma. When last we spoke, I was in a hotel room in Little Rock getting ready to meet my college roommate, Suzanne, in the morning for breakfast.  She did not get the memo that she was to arrive exhausted, wearing a t-shirt and no makeup.

photo (208)

She is ridiculously beautiful (inside and out) and has not changed a bit since college and I would hate her except that I love her as a sister and she has daughters that I’m trying to acquire in an arranged marriage or two.

photo (209)

Suzanne’s friendship is a treasure not only because of our shared memories of happy times at OBU but also because of her steadfastness during the many months when we were estranged through every fault of my own.  She  exhibited much love and forgiveness as we worked through misunderstandings and apologies and, today, we are all the stronger for it.

After an all-too-brief time together, it was time to get back in the car and finish the drive to Mom and Dad’s house.  We took our time, enjoying the scenery in Western Arkansas, calling the Hogs when we passed the exit for the U of A, stopping for cheeseburgers, crinkle fries, and a limeade at the Braum’s drive-through in Sallisaw, and swimming for an hour at my brother’s house before pulling into Duncan just in time to collapse at the table for (210)photo (211)photo (212)IMG_8191

And I was oh, so happy to be home and I would tell you all about it except that I have to go to my hair appointment because see above re gray so it will need to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime (and it feels so good to type it),

Have a nice day.




4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Glad you had a wonderful trip to see your family. I leave for Georgia Thursday to visit the folks and the old stomping grounds. I will be spoiled when I leave there, too. You are precious and it was good to read your words this morning!

  2. Braums is a destination of its own. Excellent burgers, wonderful fries (and I don’t eat fries!), perfect iced tea and heavenly mint chocolate chip ice cream. I can’t wait for our next trip east!

  3. Dearest Girl friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so sorry to miss you. Only my land ph. was & most of the time is is the word is working. Lahoma was not aware that the land line moved when God gave me assurance He & I could manage this downsizing.

    I feel very proud of you & connected via your blog. In other words you have my love & admiration for eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except for the momentary glimpse of Travis I missed the boys, too. BooWho!

    Love, Hope, Peace, & JOY!

    Nelda Swift

  4. Glad you enjoyed time with family and special friends. For the record, I’ve stated on multiple occasions that I’ve loved every single season of parenting. Except 7th grade. 8th grade will be better : )

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