Dear Diary: In which I played for the other team


This week I’m giving the back story to my middle school diary entries. Join me as I laugh, squirm with embarrassment, and wonder how anyone ever escapes childhood unscathed.

Growing up in a country where political upheaval was a way of life, it doesn’t surprise me to find a diary entry talking about the government.  What did catch me off guard was that it was a negative comment on the changing US leadership and President Ronald W. Reagan.

photo (264)


This coming from someone who is currently right of Attila the Hun?

Maybe it’s because of our shared Baptist affiliation, but I was clearly not happy that Mr. Jimmy had lost the election.  I remember expressing my displeasure to another teacher who made the remark that OF COURSE we would have preferred Carter because we were from the South and all Southerners were Democrats.

I didn’t really know what to do with that information but remember it bugged me because it was said with an obvious intensity of feeling.  This nagging thought would later push me to explore and, ultimately, love politics. 

And then the next day, the news of the freed American hostages had reached Guatemala.  What had not reached me, though, was the right word to appropriately describe their condition.

photo (265)


Really, Susan?


Maybe it’s because I was sick and going to bed early.

Or because I was a Democrat.

Have a nice day.



2 responses to “Dear Diary: In which I played for the other team

  1. Speechless. 🙂

  2. You are one brave woman. I can’t read my journals from last year, much less from my angsty teen years.

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