Five on Friday: The Dear Diary Edition

It’s been a fun trip through yesteryear but the time has come to burn some pages end this series and return to the office project derailed a week ago when I found The Box of Treasures.  Letters, pictures, and scrapbooks are still scattered across the floor and I really need to get them picked up and put away before company comes for the weekend.

We have new memories to make.

Usually Five on Friday is the quickest post of the week to write but not this one.  I couldn’t figure out how to neatly tie the last few entries together (you’re reading at least the 10th 11th 12th revision) and not turn each of them into 1,500 word dissertations.  So I’ve erased everything and they are submitted without comment.  Maybe one day, the words will come.

Today’s theme: What I Learned.

1.  I lived some experiences that most kids don’t.

photo (280)

School was only 1/2 day on Monday. Tuesday they canceled it because of the political riots and manifestations. Wednesday they suspended it a 1/2 day and today and tomorrow are canceled. Things are pretty much chaos now in the city.


2.  But I also had some very normal ones.

photo (275)

Our kitty is missing and no one is doing anything about it. That makes me MAD.

3. I snuck around and did things I shouldn’t have.

photo (274)

I went to a disco with Gloria. If anyone finds out, I’m sunk.

4. But I also did some things I should.

photo (282)

My GPA is 3.95!

5. Most importantly, I loved (and was loved) well.

photo (284)

Laurie is my B.F.

Have a nice day.


To my three sons,

It’s been almost thirty years since I last wrote in the book you’ll one day find in the attic.  I’m still amused by what I thought was important, chastened by some of my less-than-mature emotions and behaviors, chagrined at my neediness and clinginess, but also proud to see glimpses of maturity as I tried, failed, and tried again.  When you read it years from now, you’re going to see insecurity written all over the page. You know why?

Because being a teenager is hard.

Really, really hard.

You’re learning how to make your way in a big world and when you first start out, you get it wrong way more than you get it right.  I promise that your mom wasn’t always a hot mess though hot mess makes for good blog fodder.  I had close friends and rich experiences mixed in with that healthy dose of struggle.

But guess what?

It’s part of growing up.

I wasn’t the only fiery, melodramatic girl in the world and if you meet one who says she never was, it’s only because she hasn’t yet found her old diary hidden in the attic.  It’s stating the obvious when I say I didn’t do a stellar job of keeping my emotions in check; you are already doing better than I.

You inherited that from your dad.

And all God’s people said “Amen.”

You’re not “a thing” with anyone special just yet but you have started to casually mention a girl or two specifically by name so I know what’s  just around the corner. After reading what I did, I’m going to do my level best to help you navigate the waters, knowing only you can hold the oars.  I’ll try not to dismiss your tender feelings toward others as you grow; it’s tricky and hormones complicate everything but I do know that young love means something and sometimes it can be true.  Tread carefully, cautiously, honestly and honorably.

There are other stories you will learn (the doozies are dog-eared, have fun), but I hope you can overlook the stupid stuff and see the one character trait of your mother that I hope remains true to the day I die:  she was  fiercely loyal to those she loved.  Those friends she wrote of?  Years later they, along with precious ones gathered in her college years,  are still in her life and she loves them even more, this time in a healthy way, secure in who she is, deeply (so very deeply) appreciative for their shared experience.

Old memories and lifelong friends are priceless, boys.

Love well.


A mis amigos y amigas desde infancia,

Gracias por compartir sus vidas conmigo.

Los quiero mucho.



9 responses to “Five on Friday: The Dear Diary Edition

  1. perfect.

  2. Agree with Amber. Wow.

  3. Yep. First I’ve read of your blog. You set the bar pretty high with this one. Can’t wait to troll more. Love you, friend.

  4. Todos nosotros también pensamos de tí con mucho cariño.

  5. Laurie Johnson Anderson

    Making me tear up. I mentioned you to my 7th grade class today.. we were talking about friendship. It blew their minds that we have been friends since middle school. Yes, you were and are loved. You were (still are, I’m sure) smart,good at everything, sweet,fun,competitive,emotional,silly,serious, and on and on.. but most of all you were trustworthy. To this day my dictionary definition of BF would be “Susan Lanice Greenwood”. Just wish our lives had crossed after high school. I envy those that get to share everyday life with you and I know I am missing out. Love, Marcel (or was I Alphonse??)

    • You were Marcel. Why did you get the pretty name? I kept all your entries between us. Your secrets will always be safe with me.


  6. What a blessing you are to me! This is a perfect wrap-up to the walk down memory lane. The message to your boys made me cry! I need to remember some of these words of wisdom when my sweet girl reaches the teen years.
    Love you friend!

  7. Loved hearing about your growing up. You share so well.

  8. I am so glad that I got to read these all at once! I feel like i just finished a good book. I generally find myself cringing when I think about the teenage years…or even a good hunk of time before 30! You’ve reminded me that there were lessons learned and parts of me that were nurtured even in the midst of all the crazy that I remember. I’m scared to know some of what i wrote back then! Oh, and I also kept the notes. Filed. By date and person. And if i was lucky they had holes in them so i could put then in a 3 ring binder 🙂

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