Five on Friday

I’d say it’s been a super productive week but the three baskets of laundry waiting to be washed would quickly out me as a liar. Last weekend was filled with friends, late nights, poor food choices, and wonderful experiences; this week has been recovery from all of that.

No, we weren’t that wild and crazy.  It’s just that three nights of staying up past my bedtime (totally worth it, by the way) left my defenses a little low and I caught some sort of respiratory bug that’s kept the energy levels low and the couch occupied for a good part of the week.

Today’s Five: Scenes from a weekend.

1.  Our friends, B and K (equally enigmatically known as ImNotNed and Momologuer in the comments section) spent the weekend with us.

And this is a love, that a man driveth on I-95 on a Friday afternoon for a friend.

Once we got the kids to bed, K smilingly handed me a bag of what I thought were magazines (she and I share a love for flipping through them) and when I peeked inside, may or may not have screamed.

photo (290)



Not only that?  We received it as a Christmas gift on the

photo (289)

What are the odds????

We laughed heartily that her diary clearly reflected she’d grow up to be a science major and that I’d do something wordy.

photo (288)

That’s all she wrote in it.

That’s it!

It also could have been that she was outdoorsy, played sports, and was more circumspect than her friend Susan but we’re going to heavily gloss over that.

Yep, skip it like a rock on a pond.

Diary girls, finally out of middle school

Diary girls, finally out of middle school

2.  The weather was spectacular on Saturday so we went downtown and took the kids to the museum, an outdoor lunch at Sonic with Krispy Kremes for dessert, and then to the swimming pool for the afternoon to work off the Sonic and Krispy Kreme.

Or laze in the sun.

Same, same.

photo (296)


Roaring like an acanthosaurus

Roaring like an acanthosaurus

photo (294)

3.  Now that my kids are old enough, we have built-in babysitters for date nights when the families are together.  The four adults went out Saturday night dinner date and capped the evening with an International Space Station watch party in the parking lot of North Hills Mall.

And, no, we didn’t at all look silly looking up at the sky.

photo (293)

And we were soon rewarded for making fools of ourselves our patience.

#filter #filter #filter

4.  Months ago when we were scheduling B and K’s visit, we didn’t know they’d be here for such a special occasion.  A couple of weeks ago, Tommy asked us if he could be baptized at our church’s annual outdoor picnic and baptism ceremony.

photo (297)

It was an absolutely beautiful evening and the fellowship and community from our church family was, oh, so sweet. It was also a precious moment to share with our friends who stood with us the day we dedicated our children to the Lord when they were babies; to see one of them dedicate his own life to his Savior years later was an indescribable moment.

Tommy baptism

Funny note:  In the video, watch Tommy bend his knees before going in.  Our executive pastor (in blue above) told us afterward that he told Tommy, who had him by several inches and pounds, that he was going to need a little help to get out of this one unscathed.

We joked with him about putting that Tech degree to good use – it was gravity going down and pure physics coming up.


photo (299)photo (298)

5.  Thanks, friends.  I don’t know how we got so lucky.

photo (286)

Until the next time.

Have a nice day.



4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Okay, I, too, have a cold. And now you have me crying.
    Snot funny.
    Love all of this. and you.

  2. Made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning. Remind me to never eat again.

  3. We considered finding new friends around Richmond on the way down, but no one can hold a candle to our priceless twenty-year friendship.

  4. What blessings!! Thanks so much for sharing. It all makes me so smiley 🙂

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