5oF: You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration

Hello, Friday.  The sun is shining, the leaves on the tree at the corner are turning color, and Craig is in-flight, returning from California.

It is a happy day.

This morning I started thinking over the events of the week in search of a theme for today’s Five and the word “inspiration” kept coming back to me.

1.  I was inspired to get a little more organized.  Craig and I are a great morning team getting the kids out the door to school and when he’s gone, I have to either get up earlier to make the magic happen or plan ahead and I think we all know how popular that getting up earlier option is. I spent an hour last Sunday afternoon getting breakfasts made so we were never more than two minutes in the microwave from getting something hot and filling into the kids.

photo (302)

photo (303)

I scrambled a dozen eggs, cooked a package of frozen hash browns and a pound of sausage, and rolled a spoonful of each into burrito-sized tortillas and froze them. I also tried a similar recipe for breakfast empanadas  that used bread as the transport medium.  (They’re really good sprinkled with Crystal’s hot sauce.)

2.  Several friends of mine are in difficult places right now.  I thought of them when I saw this picture of a camel in the desert.  Many people think of the desert as a hot, desolate place and it certainly can be.  But for the camel,  the sand and the heat are with him every day and he thrives.  What does he see?  It’s certainly something different from what we observe.


In the midst of desert spaces, there’s always a fresh perspective to be had.

3.  I was refreshed this week by celebrating my parents’ 59th wedding anniversary.  Their marriage is a true partnership of strong individuals.  My mom is a formidable woman, determined, disciplined, strong as steel.  My father is brilliant, incisive, opinionated.  This could be a recipe for disaster but they are an incredible team, giving each other room to fly and exercise their gifts without interference and with great encouragement.  Learning from them has been an incredible blessing.  They taught me well as a child, but their influence on me as an adult has been greater still.

I love you, Mom and Dad.

4.  The leadership on display over this Syria situation does not inspire me.

Enough said.

5.  The Most Fascinating Person of the Week award goes to Diana Nyad.  Did you catch the story?  On Labor Day she  became the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage.

After 4 previous attempts spanning thirty years failed.

Oh, and she’s SIXTY-FOUR.

At forty-three, I can’t swim the length of the pool without stopping.


Okay, three times.

The sheer physical accomplishment is tremendous, unthinkable, unimaginable.  Fifty hours of non-stop swimming, dodging stinging jellyfish, battling breathing difficulties, the wear and tear on the body from being in saltwater and sun for so long….it’s mind-boggling.  The  mental discipline, though, is to me the greater story.  How does someone who failed multiple times find a way to jump back in the water and keep going?  How did she keep negative thoughts from derailing her?  Had I been the one doing that (and let’s face it, I won’t because of a long-standing personal policy of not swimming in places where I a) can’t feel the bottom and b) am not on the highest rung on the food chain), the constant loop in my head would be “Why am I trying again?  This isn’t going work. When will something go wrong? Something always goes wrong.”

Negative self-talk. 

A Sus super-power.

Well done, Ms. Nyad.  I’ll be inspired by your example to never, ever give up for years to come.

I hope your week was equally inspiring.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Have a nice day.


One response to “5oF: You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration

  1. First of all, thanks for putting that Chicago song in my head.

    Second, what did you feed the boys the other four mornings?

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