Monday Musings

Did anyone watch the Miss America pageant last night?  Craig and I like to watch (oh, he’ll kill me for outing him) and we compete with each other to see who has the most accurate pass-through rate from one element to another.  We sit on opposite sides of the couch so no one can see each other’s notepad (yes, we write everything down so there’s no going back and changing your answers after the fact), offer constructive criticism with a passion others might reserve for a  sporting event, and talk about those girls needing a biscuit while we stuff our mouths with Sweet Chili Doritos with Whopper chasers.

Fun times, my friends, fun times.

We both picked Miss New York to be crowned as the winner (the Bollywood dance clinched it) though he has bragging rights for the year because his accuracy was better overall – he picked 75% of the girls who made it past the second round, 90% of those who made it past the third, and had the final five in the right order. I don’t know how he does it and he doesn’t either, regretting that the skill doesn’t carry over to selecting the winning teams for his football pick ’em league.

Oh, Tampa Bay, you’re a perennial heartbreaker.

In other news, the weekend was interesting.  Craig and I went to a fundraiser dinner Saturday night as guests of a new friend in the neighborhood.  It was fun to dress up (thank you, Fran, via a Twitter version of What Not To Wear), hear an interesting speaker and watch people spend more money than I had during the live auction.  The first item up for bid was a gorgeous quilt and I nudged Craig under the table so he’d know it might be something I’d like to have but quickly discovered we weren’t in Kansas anymore when the bidding was over $2,000 within seconds.


We spent the rest of the evening trying not to even blink lest the auctioneer be mistaken and we be bankrupt.

Sunday morning was church and we continued our process of finding a new class.  As we took our seats and I tried to not break out in hives, my phone buzzed with an incoming text and there was a beautiful note from Deena, letting me know she was praying for us all the way from Texas as we looked for a new community.


Friend, you love well.

The class members were welcoming, we saw a few familiar faces, and left after service with our spirits a little more accepting of the process.  It’s just going to take time and patience.

And attitude, Susan.

And attitude.  

No big plans for this week.  It’s filled with glamorous errands; taking the cat to the vet for his last shot, buying groceries for my people and washing their clothes.  We have company arriving Thursday so I should probably start procrastinating about tidying as well.

If only there was a crown for that.

Have a nice day.


2 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Oh yes! A Procrastination Crown…..hmmm. I can see it now, all sparkly and glittery and beautiful. Nah, the maker was a procrastinator and so the crown was pretty plain. Yes, sadly, pretty plain!!!

  2. I could give you a little competition for that procrastination crown. My hubs has the gift as well : ) And this year he’s got Peyton as his FF QB so we may finally have a winning team there too!

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