Monday Musings

1.  Last week was the fun kind of busy getting ready for company.  Craig’s parents were coming to celebrate his dad’s birthday with us so I had a lot of motivation to get the house presentable.

There’s clean and then there’s mother-in-law clean.

I try to keep fresh sheets on the upstairs guest bed so that it’s ready for unexpected guests but JJ has started sleeping in there on occasion (so he can play with Nerf guns and I can’t see that the light’s still on) so they needed changing.  As I was unfolding the clean ones to swap out, I had a little misty moment because it was clear that my mother was the one who last folded them when they were visiting in late spring.

How could I tell?

The fitted sheet was indistinguishable from the flat one.





2.  My in-laws are easy company.  They enjoy knocking around and running errands while they’re in The Big City so while my father-in-law spent some time at the dealership getting something on his car looked at, my mother-in-law and I went shopping.  After almost eighteen years of shopping together, we understand each other’s shopping strategy perfectly.  There’s generally a plan of attack, no excessive dawdling, copious amounts of enabling, and always, and I do mean always, time for a sit-down lunch.  We went to Michael’s for some fall decorating items (working on a Pinterest back deck project), to Pier One for some accent pillows for the couch, J. Jill for some layering shirts to wear with jeans/under cardigans, and then to Chico’s to pick up a birthday present for a friend (no link to that one because she might read today).  We lunched at Zest because Craig still refuses to eat at the girly place with me and then wrapped up our spree at SRI Shoe Warehouse before hightailing it home to beat the school bus.

A very  good time was had by all.

Birthday brownies + pistachio ice cream = one happy man

Birthday brownies + pistachio ice cream = one happy man

3.  Speaking of fall decorating, I’m almost done with mine.  I used last year’s wreath on the front door again, switched out pillows in the living room and den, and picked up a few decorator items at Homegoods for the fireplace mantle.  While wandering the aisles looking for a unifying theme, I had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of someone’s unsolicited opinion that my choice of glittery wheat stalks was “not very organic”.  Two aisles later, she was opining on the grouping of acorns I had in my hand.  I didn’t quite know what to make of it and left before she could talk me out of the rest of the stuff in my basket.

photo (305)

I hope she’s happy with the results.

4.  Completely unrelated to anything here, I’m listening to the Sandi Patty Radio channel on Pandora while I’m typing.  It’s my new favorite; I’ve had to stop more than once just to have a worshipful moment before continuing to write.  Listening to Travis Cottrell sing In Christ Alone was a foretaste of glory divine and though I’ve told Craig more than once, it bears repeating that it must be played at my funeral and it’s okay if all those Baptists get a little Pentecostal when they hear it because I cannot listen to it without raising hands to heaven.  I might even come back from the dead to sing along.

5.  There was a song in my heart last night when we got back from church.  Someone, and I don’t know who, left a care package of homemade brownies and coffee for me just outside the garage door.  The accompanying unsigned note was full of encouragement; she said she was thinking of me as I navigated the school year and praying  God’s warm blessings into my heart each morning.

Dear anonymous friend, it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know who you are. If I did, I’d invite you over this morning to hang out in the den where we’d drink that coffee together.

Thank you so very much.  I raise my mug to you, and may God return the blessing tenfold.

Have a nice day.

2 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. All such precious moments. I love hearing all the details!Thanks for sharing!

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