Five on Friday: Pictures o’ Random

1.  Ten minutes to post this morning because it’s an early release day and I have to run some errands before the kids get home at noon and by running errands I mean browsing TJ Maxx and Marshalls and snagging the last grande, extra hot, skinny, vanilla latte before the first quarter break begins.

Have to fortify the spirit before seeing the report cards, you know.

2.  The creative winds blew steadily this week.  My in-laws brought twenty pounds of apples to us from the orchards near their home so I spent most of Tuesday becoming best friends with the vegetable peeler and the canning pot.  I put up six quarts of applesauce and several half-pints of jam called Apple Pie in a Jar and then turned the second project which I saw on Pinterest and involved gathering a mess of things that looked like fall and sticking them in bucket.

Uncredited picture shamelessly stolen from Pinterest

Uncredited picture shamelessly stolen from Pinterest

I tried to find a bucket at the thrift shop but they were asking $45 for it so I bought a brand new one at half the price at Ace and figured that a month outside in the elements would do the trick.  It didn’t turn out exactly the same (cannot find Indian corn anywhere in town) but I’m happy with the results and the deck looks cheery.

photo (307)


3.  And while we’re on subject of craftiness, this screenshot from the Twitter account of the Queen of Crafts has made me giggle more than once.  Be sure not to miss the first response to her tweet.  It’s my vote for Tweet of the Week.

photo (7)

4.  When flipping through my camera roll last night, I found this screenshot which reminded me that I meant to have a conversation with Tommy about spelling and vocabulary.

photo (8)

5.  In closing, this picture scrolled through my Facebook feed last week (photographer unknown) and it made me so happy, I wanted to share it with you to close out today’s post. My family spent many wonderful vacations wandering the streets of Panajachel on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and it is one of my very favorite places on the planet.

photo (309)

I hope you enjoyed this little moment of zen.

Have a nice day.

6 responses to “Five on Friday: Pictures o’ Random

  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for my momentS this morning.

  2. I like your craft better than the Pinterest one. I hope you enjoyed that latte and that report cards are all happy! Loved the tweet, but due to my ADD causing me to look elsewhere, I’ll be spending my day trying to figure out what sandwich making and speed dating have to do with one another. And indeed, being nurtured can be exhausting, I suppose. Ahem. Have a splendid weekend!

  3. Your post made me go from OH MY GOODNESS(martha) to OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOODDNESS(zen) in less than 60 seconds.

    Good work.

  4. Look at you and your Pinterest self : ) I love your tub of fall!

  5. You shoulda made some apple butter. And then sent it to me. It’s the flavor of Christmas at our house and I don’t have time for 20 lbs of apples!

  6. Did you know you can shop TJ Maxx online now? Just got an email today!

    Beautiful photo!

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