Five on Friday

1.  The kids tracked out for their fall break and they’ve wasted no time with the lounging.  They’ve had a fun week staying up, sleeping in, snacking every six seconds, and dragging after Mom on all! of! the! fun! errands! she! has! to! run!

Who knew Hobby Lobby was the third circle of Hell for a teenaged boy?

2.  We’ve been in party mode.  Last weekend we had a bunch of friends over from Craig’s work (thank you, Pioneer Woman, for the jalapeno poppers; they were a big hit with our guests and doubled as my breakfast for two mornings this week) and tomorrow night I’ve invited some girlfriends over for a crafty type party which is really just an excuse to eat snacks.  Currently, the house smells citrusy because I’m dehydrating several pounds of lemons and oranges in preparation for our festivities (finally using the food dehydrator I bought during the SARS scare AKA my prepper phase).

photo (311)

We’ll be making dried fruit-and-spice sachets to simmer stovetop.  I thought they’d make nice hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  For the baking crowd who like to give cookies, we’ll also be stamping and embellishing some brown paper packages tied up with string.  I thought they’d make for cheery packaging.  I’ve not stamped before so any of you crafty people who have tips for avoiding that little black line when pressing down, feel free to share.

photo (310)

Or maybe we’ll just call that “homespun”, “charming”, and “a feature”.

3.  Craig and I were reminiscing about our most memorable  government shutdown.  The year was 1995.  He proposed to me on the steps of the Capitol building on a late Sunday afternoon in early November and the next morning, I was an unemployed federal worker.  Suddenly saddled with an out-of-work fiancée, Craig jokingly called to demand the ring back.

I sweetly said, “For richer, for poorer” and hung up.

Deemed “nonessential”, I sat home for several weeks while the toddlers in the White House and on the Hill tried to work things out.  It was not wasted time; Craig wanted a very short engagement so I used every spare minute of the furlough to book our wedding venue, choose colors, flowers, the wedding party, and find/buy with my nonexistent paycheck The Dress.

4.  While we’re on the subject of Craig, here’s what he would look like if I’d let him purchase the hipster glasses he tried on this week.

photo (313)

I think we can all agree I made the right call.

5.  Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Too crafty! This year I’m giving my cookies in frozen dough form. That way recipents can make ’em when they want ’em.

  2. I love that idea. I’m thinking about doing the same if I can avoid eating all the dough.

  3. Love the crafty mood you’re in. With the stamping thing, I’ve found that if I use a cloth-type stamp pad instead of a sponge-type that I don’t press down so much (covering the edges of the stamp, too). Also, I keep a damp paper towel handy to quickly wipe the edges if I do get ink on them.
    I’m interested in the sachets. I hope you give more details about them. I just picked up a sack of oranges from Sam’s and I’m pretty sure all of them won’t get eaten up before they begin to shrivel…so dehydrating them is a great idea.

  4. Where is a Hobby Lobby around these parts?

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