In which we begin at the very beginning

So, we were gone and now we’re back and now I can tell you all about the last two weeks because they were oh, so fun.  Except for the part where I possibly tore my rotator cuff and had to spend the days leading up to vacation wearing ice packs on my shoulder and attempting to coherently function under the influence of very good drugs.

photo (316)

One of those drugs was Prednisone which is what every girl wants to go on right before she leaves for a vacation so that her face looks puffy in every picture made me a little bit, um, ZIPPY which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I’d waited until the absolute last minute to wash clothes, pack, and get the house in a quasi-presentable mode for the woman who going to housesit for us and a couple of doses of steroids helped accomplish those tasks lickety split.

I thought they also made me hallucinate because one usually doesn’t see this much camo on a female at a hipster urban coffee shop but the photographic evidence would suggest otherwise.

photo (314)

Anyhow, at midnight the night before we left, the laundry finished drying, the last suitcase packed, and the final yellow sticky note placed so the housesitter would know where to find the muffin cups if she wanted to bake (I blame the Prednisone for the extra dose of OCD though my husband would say it’s par for the course) and Craig and I settled down for three hours of sleep before getting up again to head to the airport.

photo (315)

And where did we go this time?

To beautiful Hawaii, State #35 on our “Visit All 50 States Before The Kids Graduate From High School” list.

photo (317)photo (318)

This was probably the most logistically challenging trip we’ve made because it involved transporting a wheelchair almost 5,000 miles on planes, trains, and in someone else’s automobile but thanks to the good people at Delta, Hilton, and the rental car agency, the trip over went smoothly and with the exception of one missing armrest pad, without a hitch.

We left Raleigh at 7 a.m., switched planes in Atlanta, and then settled in for a lovely 10 hour flight all the way to Honolulu. Because of the seat configuration, we had to split up.  Craig and Travis sat together, I was across the aisle, and Tommy and JJ sat five rows back, happy to have free rein to watch movies to their heart’s content and eat snacks every time the cart came down the aisle.

Oh, they took full advantage.

“We drank TEN COKES, Mom!”

And finally we arrived – in the middle of the afternoon locally but in the middle of the night East Coast time and these natives were less than cheery by this point but we all perked up when we left baggage claim and were surprised by a welcoming committee that we did not expect to see until the following day.

photo (319)

photo (320)

Sweet Amy

And my heart was very happy and despite the jet lag and the exhaustion and the cranky travelers, all was right with the world again.

To be continued…..

Have a nice day.



One response to “In which we begin at the very beginning

  1. So glad you had a safe trip. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

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