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So, here’s the story

Six weeks ago, I was helping Travis get out of the car. This is a routine task. We both know our roles; he unfastens his seatbelt while I get his wheelchair situated and ready to receive him, he then slides out of his seat to a standing position, leaning on me for support and with my left arm around his back, he then pivots and I gently help lower him into the waiting chair. We’ve done it a thousand times without incident.


I was on autopilot and not fully engaged as I parked his wheelchair by the side of the car and made a rookie (and critical) mistake by forgetting to engage the wheel brakes. Travis got out of the car and as he turned to sit down, his legs brushed against the wheelchair and sent it rolling backwards. By the time I realized what was going on, the chair was out of reach and all 140 pounds of him were committed to sitting down. There was only one place he was headed and it was the concrete driveway. I was afraid he would split his skull when he fell so as he went down, down, down, I pulled against him with all my might with the one arm that was supporting him behind his back. I was able to safely get him to ground but in the split second this all took place, I heard (and felt) a tear in my shoulder.

Not good.

For a week I tried to tell myself it was just a bad sprain but finally made my way to the orthopedic urgent care when I realized that I couldn’t lift my elbow laterally more than a few inches away from my body. The PA diagnosed a torn rotator cuff, prescribed a boatload of pain medication and steroids, ordered an MRI, and referred me to a PT and a surgeon. However, “due to the changes in healthcare policy under the Affordable Care Act” (do not get me started), my insurance company would not approve an MRI until I had completed 4-6 weeks of conservative treatment. And the surgeon wouldn’t see me without an MRI. So for the last six weeks I’ve been in limbo and in a deteriorating world of hurt. It’s been challenging to sleep, get dressed, dry my hair, lift anything above chest high, or even simply type (it sends stabbing pain across my shoulder to keep my hand/arm in the typing position, hence the lack of desire to blog).

In short?

Susie is not a happy camper.

After a lot of hassle, the ball is slowly moving forward toward resolving my problem. Today, the clinic resubmitted the request for the MRI stating that I’d exhausted conservative treatment and asking for authorization to take a closer look at what’s going on. Needless to say, I covet your prayers that this will be approved and quickly since it’s the next step that needs to happen so that surgery can be scheduled. I’m not one to willingly volunteer for a date with a scalpel but I am getting to the desperate stage for relief. From what I understand, it’s a fairly long and painful road to recovery from this type of injury and MAMA HAS THINGS TO DO, chief among them care for my child(ren) and family.

And shave under the arm I can’t lift.

So, what does that mean for things here at Carpoolqueen? It means I won’t be posting with any regularity for a while until I can get things squared away and I’m on the mend. I will try to post the occasional picture or quick update – whatever can be done with one hand – but can’t make any promises as to frequency or quality. I’m a pleaser so it kills me to disappoint anyone but don’t have a choice in the matter right now. I will miss talking to and hearing from you.

Thanks for your prayers over the next few weeks. We are all going to need them.

Have a nice day

Clif Notes

1.  I got sucked down a dark hole when I found a new series on Netflix last week.  Yes, I watched the entire first season in less than a week.

I hate to tell you that it’s Beauty and the Beast on the CW.

At 43? Still a teenager.

2.  I’m working on a Christmas craft project which threatens to suck the  remaining emotional life out of me.  Step One involved washing and drying fabric and HELLO, WHO WANTS TO DO LAUNDRY and Step Two required cutting skills most people master in kindergarten but with which yours truly still struggles.

Oh, terry cloth, you are cranky.

3.  Dealing with my insurance company about approving an MRI on a shoulder that won’t raise is making me homicidal slightly irritated. The latest is they want me to go to physical therapy for the next two weeks before considering another appeal.

I’m frustrated by the constant mental fog which pain meds create. 

On the bright side, hydrocodone-induced naps aren’t so bad.

4.  The reason this woman ran over her boyfriend  has given me a bit of a giggle.

5.  The 30 Days of Thankfulness Facebook meme is one of my favorite times of the year on social media but it also provides new opportunities for feeling inadequate in light of everyone’s eloquent pronouncements of gratitude.

No judging as I wax rhapsodic over my deep appreciation for hair color, please. 

Have a nice day.

Five on Friday: Last Vacation Post

I have at least three more days of posts I could write about Hawaii but I’ve decided to save the 500 remaining pictures for our own family photo album and by photo album I mean the hard drives of various laptops in the house and finish it up with a Five on Friday to close out this little adventure.

Besides, I’m getting behind on all the other pressing matters to analyze,  chief among them the lack of Take 5 bars in the Halloween candy last night.  Next year, moms, let’s just have a little email exchange the week before the holiday so we can make strategic purchasing decisions because, really, don’t we all just need to HELP A SISTER OUT?

Today’s Five: Happy thoughts about Hawaii

1. Happy to make lasting memories with these three loves of my life.

photo (347)

And happy they still are willing to participate in this slightly off-beat family travel project, 14 years into it.

2.  Happy to have spent a few minutes dipping my toes in the ocean at Chinaman’s Hat, my favorite beach.

photo (351)

3.  Happy to remember the garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s shrimp trucks in Kahuku.

photo (349)

We remembered it for a good days after we ate it, every time we opened our mouths…..

4.  Happy to experience life where Amy lives it.

photo (350) photo (353)

5.  Happy to share it all with this big guy.

photo (352)

He’s been making my dreams come true for over 18 years now.  We couldn’t have done this without him and I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you, Craig, from the bottom of my heart.

Have a nice day.