Five on Friday: Last Vacation Post

I have at least three more days of posts I could write about Hawaii but I’ve decided to save the 500 remaining pictures for our own family photo album and by photo album I mean the hard drives of various laptops in the house and finish it up with a Five on Friday to close out this little adventure.

Besides, I’m getting behind on all the other pressing matters to analyze,  chief among them the lack of Take 5 bars in the Halloween candy last night.  Next year, moms, let’s just have a little email exchange the week before the holiday so we can make strategic purchasing decisions because, really, don’t we all just need to HELP A SISTER OUT?

Today’s Five: Happy thoughts about Hawaii

1. Happy to make lasting memories with these three loves of my life.

photo (347)

And happy they still are willing to participate in this slightly off-beat family travel project, 14 years into it.

2.  Happy to have spent a few minutes dipping my toes in the ocean at Chinaman’s Hat, my favorite beach.

photo (351)

3.  Happy to remember the garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s shrimp trucks in Kahuku.

photo (349)

We remembered it for a good days after we ate it, every time we opened our mouths…..

4.  Happy to experience life where Amy lives it.

photo (350) photo (353)

5.  Happy to share it all with this big guy.

photo (352)

He’s been making my dreams come true for over 18 years now.  We couldn’t have done this without him and I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you, Craig, from the bottom of my heart.

Have a nice day. 




3 responses to “Five on Friday: Last Vacation Post

  1. It is a dream of mine to have family photos logically stored for easy access. In fact, before I was so pleasantly interrupted by your post I was uploading/labeling photos to towards that dream. Unfortunately my 2013 file holds only 2 photos of the hundreds saved on my hard drive. Yeah.

  2. Yup. What KC said. The funny thing is that I USED to be an avid scrapbooker. Like, going to conferences, teaching classes, selling Stampin’ Up! type scrapbooker!! THEN I got a digital camera and all that went ka-put. I don’t even organize the digital folders. They’re lucky if they get cataloged by year. Good thing we have the internet. My kids can always reference facebook or my blog for their childhood memories. 😉

  3. I’m sad that the vacation blogs have now ended. I for one had not had enough but alas I will survive. Thanks for sharing. You’re a peach!!!! Have a great weekend!! 😊

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