Clif Notes

1.  I got sucked down a dark hole when I found a new series on Netflix last week.  Yes, I watched the entire first season in less than a week.

I hate to tell you that it’s Beauty and the Beast on the CW.

At 43? Still a teenager.

2.  I’m working on a Christmas craft project which threatens to suck the  remaining emotional life out of me.  Step One involved washing and drying fabric and HELLO, WHO WANTS TO DO LAUNDRY and Step Two required cutting skills most people master in kindergarten but with which yours truly still struggles.

Oh, terry cloth, you are cranky.

3.  Dealing with my insurance company about approving an MRI on a shoulder that won’t raise is making me homicidal slightly irritated. The latest is they want me to go to physical therapy for the next two weeks before considering another appeal.

I’m frustrated by the constant mental fog which pain meds create. 

On the bright side, hydrocodone-induced naps aren’t so bad.

4.  The reason this woman ran over her boyfriend  has given me a bit of a giggle.

5.  The 30 Days of Thankfulness Facebook meme is one of my favorite times of the year on social media but it also provides new opportunities for feeling inadequate in light of everyone’s eloquent pronouncements of gratitude.

No judging as I wax rhapsodic over my deep appreciation for hair color, please. 

Have a nice day.

2 responses to “Clif Notes

  1. KC @ Average: More or Less

    Well, since all really excellent tv (Breaking Bad) is over, we must turn to the inferior. We are currently deep into season one of Arrow. When I’m not watching Parks & Rec.

  2. Concerning the ‘thankful’ FB posts… I prefer the more lightened versions of the gratitude. Like hair color. (Hair color ALWAYS makes me happy…every.single.time I’m around it…unlike my children, husband, extended family, etc…you get the picture) 😉

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