Monday Musings

We were down two kids for the weekend since Tommy and JJ were off on a church trip in the West Virginia mountains sliding down a snow-covered mountain, hanging on for dear life to a flimsy rubber tube. Besides spending the time praying for no broken bones, I had grand visions for our remaining Raleigh merry band of three.  We would stroll the mall, visiting shops I wanted to visit (in other words, no GameStop or Lego store).  We would eat at restaurants with no counter or an order by number system.  I wasn’t going to touch the stove or the washing machine, pick up a dirty sock, or police Xbox and TV time.  Yes, friends, mama was going to be off the clock.

And what did we do?

Didn’t leave the house once except for a milk run to the grocery store, washed mountains of clothes, ate cold cereal and sandwiches, and spent three hours cleaning out that EPA Superfund site known as the boys’ bedrooms.

And you know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It was non-stop, shoulder-to-shoulder time with Craig and after a busy travel month, just plain fun. There’s nothing that’ll cement a relationship faster than together digging out the unspeakable detritus found under a teenaged boy’s bed (bonus – found two of my good spoons – had to get past what I found them buried in but found them nonetheless) and there’s something to be said for the shared guilty pleasure of eating in front of the television in the living room when you’ve banned it for everybody else.  We caught up on a few shows on the DVR, finally got around to seeing Skyfall (cementing my opinion that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever), and I don’t think we ate a vegetable the entire time unless you count the bits of cabbage in the frozen dumplings we ate for dinner while we watched the Sunday afternoon football games.

With a healthy side of tater tots and tortilla chips.

Dear grandmothers, do not be alarmed.  We did make sure Travis had an apple and a glass of milk to balance out his Frosted Flakes.

The fun continues today.  Craig returned to work but Travis and I are headed to the mall to hit the Apple store (a treat for both of us), Sephora , and then he’s going to enjoy (well, not really but let’s pretend) the quilt shop with me before we pick up his brothers at church.  He’s missed them and we’re looking forward to having the gang back together again even if it means more laundry and a return to the kitchen.  It’s funny, I’ve always thought that I’m the one that brings discipline to their lives and I’ve recognized this weekend how much they bring to mine.

Welcome home, boys.

Your mama missed you.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Ahhh the lazy weekend – love it! My family will be vacationing to Raleigh in March – anything I must see while there? Especially with a young man in a wheelchair?

  2. I love those kinds of weekends, and in fact had one of those myself. Good times.

  3. We had a weekend like that recently too. I think everyone needs that sort of down time once in a while. Daniel Craig-agreed!!

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Did they miss y’all as much?

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