Five on Friday

1.  Some days I look at the blank screen and wonder what in the world there is to say.

2.  I met an autistic 70-year-old man yesterday at the dermatologist’s office yesterday.  He introduced himself to me (“My name is Tony, T-O-N-Y”) and asked my name (“That must be spelled S-U-S-A-N”) and we then spent the next thirty minutes talking about his favorite pizza, dancing, Crystal Gayle, and answering questions about the difference between a trim and cut, how much I paid my hairdresser, and if I thought Bojangles was crowded.  He showed me his driver’s license, his gift cards and, twice, his NC State t-shirt. After he’d spelled his name for the fourth time, he abruptly shook my hand and walked back over to his chair where every so often he’d whisper my name and wave at me.    I could tell some in the waiting room were uncomfortable with his constant questioning but I could also tell that he felt some relief to have someone speak to him while he waited.   A lady stopped by to whisper in my ear “You’re a saint to talk to him” and I really wanted to throttle her but instead I smiled and said the pleasure was all mine.

Friends, reaching out to others who are different from us isn’t hard.  It just takes a willingness to be patient and the decision to step out of your comfort zone.

3. I guess I had something to say after all.

4.  When the boys came home from school yesterday we sat around the kitchen and brainstormed dinner ideas (I am currently uninspired in the cooking department) and after coming up with a plan for some exciting, life-changing tuna casserole, they grabbed their jackets and volunteered to go to the store to buy what I needed.


To be helpful.

And they were genuinely cheerful about it. Like, SMILING.

I don’t know what’s happening to these kids though I suspect saying yes to the new tortilla Pringles might have contributed but I like it.   As challenging as this season of parenting has been, it’s the little moments where they smile and joke and surprise us that make it all so rewarding.

5.  Speaking of rewards, I’m trying not to devour half a box of Pop-Tarts as a pat on the back for getting back in the exercise swing.  Craig and I have resumed  regular morning dates with our friend Jillian Michaels and the good news is we didn’t die starting Week 1 again.

Oh, Week 1, we’ve seen you soo many times.  Week 2? Not so much.

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. As our pastor, Dr. Boehmer said to a group of us complaining about teenage parenting, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you still have the responsibility, but lose all your authority.” You do a great job parenting all three boys. They are very fortunate, and I suspect they know it.

  2. I wonder if that was Tony who used to work at Kroger on Creedmoor Rd.? He will never forget your name if it was him. I loved talking to him and have often wondered what became of him.

    Teenage girls are a bit different . Nuff said.

  3. LOVED #2 and can so relate but in a different way. My 25 year old physically disabled son just joined E-Harmony. He’s in a wheelchair – and small in stature. Not a football, hunky type. Not one girl will answer his inquiry. He is loving and kind and funny but no one will give him a chance – as soon as they see the wheelchair, they don’t respond. It’s nice when people will look past things like a disability and talk to a person. But you know how that is….

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