Monthly Archives: February 2014

Save the prayers for a rainy day

First, thanks for praying. I felt a little guilty sending out an SOS when I haven’t blogged a word in weeks but February has kinda’ kicked my butt emotionally and when that happens I get highly introverted and don’t feel very chatty.

Our meeting went well. Craig and I were loaded and ready for bear and when we got to the meeting, his teachers and school administrators weren’t ready to make recommendations so we ended up putting off the hard decisions until April or May. That creates new challenges as we can’t make decisions about Tommy and John because Travis isn’t settled but I’m trusting that it will all work out in the end. Like my daddy always says, “This isn’t a surprise to God.”

So today I’m putting it all behind me, determined not to let any unsettledness follow us on vacation (I’m typing this on the runway at RDU). There’s enough worry about a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR FLIGHT OVER OPEN WATER to keep me in business.

Thanks for having my back, friends.

Have a nice day.

Calling all peeps

Anticipating a long, hard meeting this morning as we make high school transition plans for T.

Prayers for wisdom, clarity, and emotional self-control are appreciated.

Many thanks,