Oh, hi

So I really stuck to that “revive the blog” resolution, didn’t I? 


Yeah, February was a tad depressing and I just couldn’t summon the will to live the creative muse at all.  The lack of sunshine, the cold, the endless snow days, and general funkiness sent me into a hole I’ve only recently crawled out of. 

Going to Barbados helped.

Hooray for sun and sand!

Getting into a swimsuit in Barbados? 


That’s a death spiral right there, people.

I’m happy to report the sun is out and my spirits are a little more cheery now that the calendar has flipped to March. We are winding down the quarter for the kids in a few weeks (with all the snow days, I feel like they never really started) and the “lasts” are starting to happen – the last middle school band concert, the last time middle school IEP meeting – someone needs to put the brakes on, please.

We’ve been busyish with some home improvement projects.  Saturday morning around 9:30 I looked at a smudge on the front door sidelight and six hours later I’d washed every window in the house, inside and out.  It took two days before I could lift my arms again but the light coming through now is sparkly and it doesn’t make me twitchy every time I look outside. Next on the agenda is to replace the torn window blinds so I can return the clothespins currently holding them together to the laundry room.


I’ve also kicked off the planning countdown to the Life Extraordinary women’s conference at my church (April 17-18, 2015 – mark your calendars, local peeps).  Long-time readers will remember the year I stressed over being the registration chairman (2011), the year I stressed over being the co-chairman (2013), and now, guess what?  You get to walk through the year I stressed over being the chairman.  

On the bright side, I roll off the committee next year so you NEVER HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT AGAIN.  

Thank you for your patience.

Oh, and I’ve been crafty, too!  Tune in later on to see the quilt I made for my mother’s significant birthday (am I allowed to tell which one, Mom?) and another project that I can’t divulge because it’s for someone who is a regular reader and she hasn’t received it yet. 

The owner of my favorite quilt shop had a record sales month in February because lemme tell you, I was on fire with the sewing projects during my blogging hiatus.

So that’s sort of where I’ve been.  A little depressed, a little vacationed, a little hunkered down with the weather, a little preoccupied with some projects, and a lot happy that winter is over.  Thanks for the sweet notes and texts telling me you’d missed the updates. I’ve missed you, too. 

Have a nice day.




8 responses to “Oh, hi

  1. YAY! Now my browser can stop yelling at me every day that there’s no new post, again. Welcome back!

  2. No, don’t be teasing me and going away again until July. (Insert scowl face here).

  3. Pam McLaughlin

    Welcome back. You’ve been missed!

  4. I just discovered how to reply w/o a password.

    Dearest Susan,

    You are the best blogger I know, especially since I knew U before U became all that U are now!

    U bring joy into the lives of all who know you!

    Keep giving yourself though this medium & giving God the Glory!!

    Love, Hope, Peace, & JOY!

    Nelda Swift

  5. I’LL tell them…Susan’s mom turned 80 (don’t know how to make caps out of numbers) in February! And when I saw the beautiful quilt Susan made me, I forgot all about how old I am. Best daughter in the world. (Susan, show them the picture, I don’t remember how to insert pics.) ha.

  6. Happy Birthday Susan’s mom!! Glad to hear that the current hump (slump) has been tackled. On to the next one. Just knowing you can tackle them is half the battle.

  7. As a routine blog lurker I’m happy you’re back!

  8. Sounds like you’ve been productive : ) My windows are filthy, but I pay someone to wash them every spring, and they can’t get a ladder up thanks to the snow still on the ground. Every morning when I come down the stairs the sun shines thru my palladium window in the foyer and makes my stomach lurch. Come on Spring!!

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