Five on Friday

1.  This afternoon, my first-born will take the stage in his comedic debut at the school talent show.  He’s been working on his monologue for weeks but I haven’t heard a word of it because “I’m only going to perform it once for you, Mom.”  I’m assuming the faculty at school has okayed it because he survived tryouts and both dress rehearsals but I’m a little nervous because he said no one really laughed when he delivered the material yesterday. He, on the other hand, was not nervous at all.  He’s been determined to stand on a stage and tell his favorite joke since the 5th grade when he tried out for the elementary school talent show and then forgot to remind us the day of the performance that he was supposed to go.

Tonight is his night to shine.

And mine to breathe into a paper bag.

Break a leg, kid.

2.  Speaking of breathing into paper bags, I’m having trouble settling on a return-to-shorter-bangs-or-not decision.

3.  We decided on a company to help us with our window blind replacement project and the salesman came out to take measurements Tuesday.  With him were various sample books of linen white, bisque white, Nordic white, snow white, desert white, beach sand white, fanciful flight, white cloud, and every other name for basically the same color.

Serenity now.

He spent three hours talking to me about pull cords, fabric styles, opacity, pleat size, and thermal conduction and in the end said, “I’ll give you a few weeks to think about what you want” and then dropped his jaw when I spouted my selections.

Bangs that will grow in six weeks?


Window coverings that I will look at for the next twenty years?

Piece of cake.

4.  Cake reminds me of pie which reminds me that I meant to share this picture with you of a dessert I made for the kids that was super easy – just a ready-made pie crust cut into triangles, spread with Nutella, rolled, sprinkled with coarse sugar, and baked. The little crescents are super rich and delicious warm from the oven.


5.  Finally, here’s Mom’s 80th birthday quilt.  It’s the fourth one I’ve made and each one has turned out better than the last.  None, though, gave me as much joy as this one because 1) it was a surprise for her, 2) red is her favorite color and 3) gingham her favorite fabric.  Every minute spent at the sewing machine except for the quilting part made me smile because I knew she’d be pleased.


Happy cozy napping, Mom.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. So much goodness here, but I can’t stop being so proud and beaming at the gingham BINDING! Girl, binding with a kicky fabric is one of my most favorite things to do. Oh, sounds like I don’t get out much.

    Bangs. Medium length side bangs have been my go-to because of their versatility (can be pinned back, or blended in). Also, my stylist has pretty much banned any other type of bang on me. She earns her wages.

    As someone who tried stand up just once in front of a very forgiving crowd, my heart is with you. But I still would love to to more. Perhaps your son is a kindred spirit. Either way, so proud in Seattle.

    I will not be mad at you for posting that awesome recipe. I will not be mad at you for posting that awesome recipe. I will not…OK. I’m a little mad. And also hungry.

    Did I mention? I love that quilt. What a sweet hug for your precious mama.

  2. I love that quilt! You are so talented.

  3. I love all of this so much.

  4. The quilt is so BEAUTIFUL! What a treasure to your sweet Mom! Great job! Also love the care package you sent to Amy! Wish I knew how to quilt and sew.

  5. A few days last to the party, but couldn’t pass up the chance to compliment the work of a fellow quilter. I love the red — and I’m sure your mom is tickled pink over the entire project. 🙂 So glad to know someone else has gotten bitten by the quilting bug.

  6. It sounds like your boy did an awesome job at the talent show. Kudos to him for getting up there. What courage. Your quilt is lovely, too. Did your mom just love it? Nice catching up with you 🙂

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