Five on Friday: Random Randomness

Lots of opinionated people pointedly opining this week so I’m choosing to focus on levity because it’s Friday and the birds are singing and April is just around the corner which means I’m that much closer to warm.

1. We have a friend in the hospital and I texted his son that I’d bring a meal when his dad was released but I sent the message to the wrong number. Am still fighting the urge to clarify to the stranger that “released” didn’t mean “from jail”.

2. Tuesday was hair appointment day and I don’t know whether to be offended or pleased when Travis got off the bus and made the comment that I was now a “newer Mom”.

3. Good Wife is dead to me.

4. I’ve been craving Jose Olé corn taquitos for about a week but am determined to succumb not to their siren call for, lo, therein lies a swift and direct path to destruction.

5. Have a nice day.


One response to “Five on Friday: Random Randomness

  1. “Opinionated people pointedly opining”. Great alliteration there, Sus.

    Re: newer mom comment. *snicker* & I think you should accept w/gratitude that your man-child even notices his mom’s hair. Good training for spousedom.

    One of my friends has beautiful, acrylic nails. Cracked me up when she told me her granddtr asked when she was getting her nails sharpened again.

    Good Wife! I mean, !!!!

    I hear there’s a recall on those taquitos. So…yeah that’s the ticket.

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