Monday Musings

At least I think it’s Monday.  The days sort of roll together when we’re tracked out which isn’t a complaint at all.  We’ve been resting – sleeping a little more than normal, not sticking to a schedule (lunch at 2:30, anyone?), leaving town at the drop of a hat (hello, impromptu vacation to Williamsburg planned in thirty minutes), and just plain enjoying being together.  I like these teenagers living under my roof, eating my food, and occasionally hugging me.  They’re generally a sweet bunch.

The leaves have finally started popping out on the trees in the back yard and soon the thick green hedge that shields the neighbor’s house will fill in.  I don’t mind the neighbors at all – they’re delightful people – but I love the enclosed feeling when I look out the back bank of windows and see a canopy of green. The sunshine is raising my spirits and giving me energy to create again.  Since the boys are home during the day these three weeks, I’ve been spending  a lot of time in the kitchen. Some of our favorites have been homemade bread, ham and cheese scones pizza bread (I’m sensing a carb theme), Salisbury steak, and parchment-baked chicken.



And while I would love to say that I’ve devoured boatloads of all the above, I’ve tried to be judicious because I’ve been on a lettuce and water plan since coming back from Barbados and I didn’t want to say anything about it because it would alert you to the fact that I regained every last bit of the weight that I lost three years ago may have a couple of pounds to lose but there you have it and I’m happy to celebrate this morning that I’ve lost 20 pounds so far and I have a little bit more to go but I feel much better about life even though it means passing up a biscuit here and there.  And while we’re copping to deep, dark secrets, I will also confess that I made a New Year’s resolution this year to NOT eat a single French fry in 2014 and, though it has slayed me, I’ve managed to go four entire months without one.

Let’s all guess where Sus will be at 12:01, January 1, 2015.

The biggest challenge has been not emotionally eating because we’ve had a mess on our hands dealing with high school placement and trying to keep our kids in the same school next year.  It has caused great anxiety, anger, fear, and all those emotions that I’d like to think I don’t have, but there you go and I do.  I *think* as of this morning we have everything worked out.  I’m just waiting on a phone call to confirm the details and then I’ll have to hightail it up to school to get them all registered since we are way past all the deadlines the county imposed for getting it done and I’m such a rule follower that missing those dates, in and of itself, has caused great anxiety but what are you going to do? At least I didn’t eat the pantry dealing with it.

Baby steps.

We still have a week and a half left before the kids go back to school so we are filling the time with checkups, eye exams, and the occasional trip to the movie theater.  We’ve seen Muppets Most Wanted (long but cute), Captain America: Winter Soldier (geek alert – Susie loves any and all superhero movies), and later this week we’re going to see God’s Not Dead which I hear is wonderful.  Lots to do with the people I love and blessed time to do it.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. “It has caused great anxiety, anger, fear, and all those emotions that I’d like to think I don’t have, but there you go and I do.” I’ve been dealing with thyroid issues that everyone agrees stem from my extremely stressful life. What? By my account this is the LEAST stressful year my husband and I have experienced in the past 18. Oh those sneaky emotions!

  2. I’m glad you made and liked our white bread! Good luck with your healthy eating!

  3. Um yes, I have regained those 15 lbs. I lost too. I am going to a GP dr. Wednesday because I am an adult now and need to act like it and have a real dr. And get my blood drawn because I’m sure there is some serious thyroid issue preventing me from losing weight. For real. ha! I think I pretty much cannot eat anything fun if I want to be thin. That’s just not gonna happen. I rebelled from my eating eggs for breakfast by having a blueberry muffin every morning for 4 days in a row. Hence, the extra lbs. Shocker. I know there are worse issues to deal with….The Salisbury steak recipe looks awesome!

    I’m going to take the kids to see God’s Not Dead on Good Friday. I’ve heard good things about that movie too. And then we’re going to go out for dinner because, well, how else will I keep my weight up if I don’t eat?! And then to church to ask for forgiveness for my lack of self-discipline.

    May be coming to NC this summer. My mom wants to go to outer banks but she also likes a very active vacation, so not sure what she thinks we will do there. I’m happy to lay on beach and look for wild horses. Also, my 7th grader thinks we should start looking at colleges since he’s sure he will get a basketball scholarship and Duke is at the top of his list. Yes, son, God can work miracles 🙂

    Apparently, I have a lot to say today 🙂

  4. I’m off french fries too. It’s been a challenge, but I’m getting to the point where I don’t have to look away when hubs orders them. I enjoyed God’s Not Dead. It’s well done!

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