Five on Good Friday

1.  It is good to ponder the darkness.  There’s a quiet unsettledness that comes with Good Friday.  I was talking to Travis last night about why we call Friday “good”.  He was intent on brushing his teeth so I’m not quite sure how much got through (the boy is very serious about his oral hygiene) but it was good to ponder the beauty that comes from seemingly difficult circumstances.


This Mary Oliver quote is one of my favorites and while I’ve thought about it many times in the context of learning from past hurts and failures, it also points to the gift of Christ’s death as a darkness that became light.

2.  It is good to have Craig home.  He walked in the door at 9:30 this morning, bleary-eyed from an overnight trip home from San Jose.  He’s sleeping for a few hours before going to the office to wrap up some loose ends.  He works hard for our family and we are grateful.

3.  It is good to laugh. The kids have cracked me up this week. Wednesday it was while we were in the car headed to therapy (New wheelchair fitting! Yay! And it fits in the van without having to be disassembled! Even better!). As is my practice, I was listening to XM 7 (old school, baby) and the Bee Gees came on.  I was ready to jam but wasn’t prepared for the sing-along from the back seat.

4.  It is good to have carbs. I’m making PW’s hot cross buns this morning and banking on a hope that Easter bread with the sign of Jesus on it doesn’t count towards calorie limits. Who’s with me?

5.  It is good to have old friends I talked to my old boss yesterday. I should say “former” and not “old” but after twenty years I still like to rattle his chain. Within seconds of picking up the phone, I was twenty-four again and he was probably rolling his eyes on the other end of the line.  The kids were wondering why their mother was cackling and it’s because I was somewhat tickled that I’m now the age he was when he hired me and yet somehow we’re not any older.  That three-minute phone call absolutely made my day.  How I lucked into such a fabulous manager, mentor, and colleague right out of the gate, I will never know.

Old friends are good friends.

Good Friday, indeed.

Have a nice day. 


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