However Many On Friday

1. Hope that I haven’t thrown you for a loop without knowing how many things to expect on Friday but I have minutes to type as my parents are mere miles away but arriving a few hours before I expected them.  Not that it’s a bad thing at all except for the fact I was counting on using every available minute today to get the house squared away because even though I’ve known for months they were arriving today, I waited until the last possible second to clean.

Last minute.

Motivating Sus since 1969.

2.  It’s not often that I find myself wandering down the alley behind a grocery store with a wet behind having narrowly escaped being on the 5:00 news but it happened.  I went to see my usual guy at the nail salon and just after we’d gotten past the part where I have to grip the handles of the chair to keep still while they use the ridiculously ticklish scrubby brush, the mood TOOK A TURN.  This guy walked into the salon and my tech suddenly stopped what he was doing and his face turned angry red and he started shaking his head and saying, “Why is he here?”  Being the nosy person that I am, I might have said something along the lines of, “Do you know him?” and then he said, “He killed my friend and he’s already out of jail.”

So, not being quite sure what Emily Post would advise in that situation, I said, “I’m very sorry” and that was all he needed to tell me about how he was going to call his family to come down and do bodily harm to this person and that’s when I might have dialed 9 -1- and had my finger hovering to push the other 1.  It was the Crips and the Bloods, right there in my nondescript strip mall pedicure place.  I was envisioning FILM AT 11  and trying to figure out how I was politely going to GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE and meanwhile he’s trading insults that most kids would get soap in their mouths for and he’s not paying attention to what he’s doing and he ended up aiming the water hose just a little too high and soaking the seat and my shorts in the process.

Now, normally this would not have bothered me too terribly much except for the fact that I’d walked to the nail salon and was now facing the prospect of walking back home in front of many, many shoppers with a wet behind and that was a little mortifying.  Even more mortifying was that my guy ended up getting so worked up that he walked off in the middle of my pedicure and left the store.  I’d never been abandoned mid-treatment before and wasn’t quite sure how to factor that into my tip but I wasn’t complaining because at this point I was happy that if a rumble was going down, I had at least a few minutes to get the heck out of Dodge before he came back.

So I skedaddled.

And walked home in the alleyway behind the shopping center with a wet butt so no one would see me, shaking my head at the weirdness that happens when you least expect it and wondering if this means I have to find a new nail place or if I should go back for more blog material.

3.  Travis competed in Special Olympics this week and won two third place ribbons and one first place ribbon.  The look on his face as he got off the bus was just priceless.


He wanted to wear his ribbons to physical therapy to show Miss Jen and then was insistent we hang them up on the bulletin board above his head.  They are precious to him and we are so grateful for the volunteers who staff the event so he can participate.  I’m also grateful to the many friends who celebrated with us when I posted this picture on my Facebook wall.  There are some hard days when you feel you’re walking a lonely path, but to have everyone celebrating with us and loving on Travis and cheering him on was a blessing to me.  Thanks, friends.

4.  Mom and Dad are here!!! No time for spellcheck.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “However Many On Friday

  1. seriously?? no instragram warning of the nail tech story?? hahaha! glad you made it home alive–wet, but alive 🙂 Congrats to Travis! Enjoy your time with your parents!!

  2. “He killed my friend and he’s already out of jail.”

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that…

  3. offthebeatenpathministries

    I’m thinking your nail tech may be the person on the other end of the strange, angry phone calls my nail tech is always making. Mostly he barks in Vietnamese at the person on the phone, but at least one time I clearly heard him tell the person (in English, of course) that he was in California. Um, no, he was right there in Arizona doing my feet… Strange things can happen in nail salons!

    So proud for Travis! Have a happy time with your parentals!!

  4. I laughed so hard! You could come out our way for your nails…there is a new salon down at the corner where the new HT is & they are wonderful people. They are Christians, really nice, & they do a really good job. They are Vietnamese but speak & understand English very well.

    I tried to post a congratulations on FB for Travis but not sure if it went through. So exciting for him (& you 😉)!



  5. Oh my..I KNEW this story would be fabulous! You did not disappoint…and you absolutely MUST go back for more material. Congrats to Travis..he’s one AWESOME dude!

  6. Love it all. Haha, thx for the laughs! So fun for Travis!! Very cool. I’m glad you’re enjoying your parents, such a blessing.

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