Five on Friday: The Buck Up Little Camper Edition

Moving the ball forward today.  There’s a new rally phrase I’ve been chanting to myself for a couple of weeks and it’s “Bias for action” and even if it’s just an inch in the right direction, that’s a start.

“Bias for action?”

I’ve got the lock on nerd, people.

1.  The kids are excited about high school, so I need to be as well.  This anxiety is mine, not theirs, and they don’t need to catch a case of the heebie-jeebies from me.  They can, however, absorb confidence.

Fake it ’til we make it.

2.  The church serves God’s purposes and not mine.  If my heart’s desire is to see Him glorified, He will take care of all I need and all I lack.

3. Water, vegetables, and occasionally walking around the block will make me feel better.


Sorry, it had to be said.

4.  Instead of looking at what hasn’t been accomplished by this stage in life, focus on the growth that has occurred.  I’m getting better at managing conflict, at speaking up when something needs to be said,  and sewing straight lines.


New quilting project on the brain.  If all these seams match up, it’ll be a miracle.



5. Freedom to be myself means freedom to adhere to what, when, and how I want to write.  My feelings were hurt several months ago when someone said the blog used to be funnier and I’ve sat on those words for a while, figuring out why they cut to the quick.  At first I was sad because I’m a pleaser and I want everyone around me to be happy.  I want you, the reader, to love coming here and if you don’t know me in real life, to feel like we could be friends. Yes, I can be funny (laughter is my love language) and most every day you will see a genuine smile on my face and joy in my heart.  But when I started this blog project on a whim five years ago, my kids were 10 and in the big middle of providing daily doses of blog fodder doing silly things little boys do.  Now they’re 15 and while there’s still plenty of fodder, I can’t write it all  down because it can be hurtful, painful, NORMAL,  and not at all for public consumption.

So I choose authentic.

Some days that will look funny.  Other days it won’t.  And if I don’t write for a while, chances are the often serious, thinky, drawn-to-order, must-have-life-in-neat-organized-categories side of me needs to sort things out quietly and internally.  And if there’s occasionally something angsty in this space, it’s probably because this visual learner is just trying to make the swirling thoughts static for a second to make sense of it all.

There’s value in being quiet and equal value in speaking out loud.

I am what I am.

6.  And to end on a high note (AND LET’S NOT TWITCH THAT THE LIST DOESN’T STOP AT FIVE), proving that opposites attract, here’s a picture from last night of Tommy and his best friend after they played their final middle school band concert.


Onward and, hopefully, not too much more upward, at least for the kid on the right.

Have a nice day.

31 responses to “Five on Friday: The Buck Up Little Camper Edition

  1. I like authentic. And I love you, my friend. Keep it up.

    Do you remember how awkward I was the first time I came over to your house? I didn’t know how to broach the topic of special needs ministry stuff, and then when it was time to go, I overstayed my welcome because my brain emptied itself of any appropriate way to say goodbye. (I’m hoping you don’t remember it as painfully as I do, because even if your memory covered it in brushstrokes of grace, I was 50 shades of awkward. True story.) It was because I was one of those readers who didn’t know you in real life yet and I read your blog regularly (thanks to mutual friends) because I did “love coming here and… feel like we could be friends” and I was so self conscious of whether or not I would make a fool of myself and have to return to lurk-dom on the blog because I could never, ever, ever look you in the eye in person again. All that to say this: if your blog were all smiles and sunshine and laughter (all of which I love!), I probably wouldn’t have stuck around because I need friends – in blogdom and in real life – who can also encourage me in storms and darkness and all those times in which “buck up, camper” is something I need to hear (even if I’m in a mood that wants to say “shut up” to those words). And you’re one of those friends.

    • I remember! Was thrilled to have someone help make church a little more family friendly for this crew.

      One of my hidden talents is telling other people what to do. It’s a gift, really. I just wish others would see it that way.


  2. See? Told you. Every. Day. I don’t read for the funny. I read for the author.

  3. “So I choose authentic.”
    I’m relieved. Because I like authentic. Whether it’s happy, sad, in need of hairapy, tired of kids, proud of kids, or dodging insults hurled to others at a nail salon. ❤ you for you. Nothing and no one else will do. Love, Me and Dr. Seuss.

  4. P.S. What will Tommy do when he meets David? They’ll both have an eye to eye convo for the first time in a l-o-n-g time with a peer. Can’t wait for that day. Tom has my permission to call 6’6″ David “shorty”. xxxooo

  5. Pretend that I used a question mark in the comment above. I’m itching.

  6. Oops wasn’t done. You encourage, challenge and motivate me. You make me think. You make me laugh. And do you remember when we met? It was at a Pampered Chef party at Karen D.’s house. You opened the door when I rang the bell. You greeted me with all the welcome-to-my-home-I’m-so-glad-you’re-here-okay-this-is-not-really-my-home-BUT-I’M-STILL-SO-GLAD-YOU’RE-HERE that this introvert needed to know that I’d make the right decision to go that night. I liked you immediately. Prior for that, I’d been reading your blog and trying to figure out who you were. I could tell we had mutual friends but couldn’t figure it out and no one would tell me who you were. As we sat at the table yip yapping and filling out our order forms, I figured it out. AND I WAS SO EXCITED!! I was so proud of myself when you confirmed that yes, you were indeed the Carpool Queen. You asked if you could take my picture for the blog (I felt famous) then, because I’ve read too many Nancy Drew books, I made you take it again without my name tag on. Because, paranoid. I did feel like I knew you in real life, and am thankful that now I really do. You are a blessing to me and many, many others. Philippians 1:3.

  7. Authentic is WAY better than fake. My favorite posts are the more serious ones, anyway.

    Also, Chuy’s creamy jalapeño dip makes everything better, in case they’re out of queso.

  8. That’s our girl and we love you just as you are…don’t change for anyone except the Lord!

  9. offthebeatenpathministries

    I read for the authentic you! You make me laugh and weep and grin and sigh. And I like to do all of those things in good doses. You have been my window into life with a family member with special needs, and specifically the life of a mom with a child with special needs. I value that opening of my eyes. But more importantly I value the encouragement and authentic life I’ve seen through it. And I just love you to pieces! Please…Please keep writing. Even if it’s sporadically. I’m the queen of sporadic, so that doesn’t bother me at all. I completely get the need to process some of life internally, off line. I do the same thing. Otherwise someone would ban my blog from the Internet.

    I’m thankful that I didn get to meet you in person last July. One of those sweet, precious cyber world memories that never would have occurred just 15 years ago, but thanks to the world wide web I have a friend in NC who gives me occassional glimpses into her life. I love it!

  10. 6’7″!!!!! You have got to be kidding me. How do you fill him up with all the food all the time?!

    Seriously, I love your blog and am encouraged when I read (even though I am a sad excuse for a commenter). : ) You encourage me with how you fight for your boy(s) and am willing to do so much to serve him. It encourages me greatly with my one who has her own struggles with learning and I get tired and frustrated.

    So thankful for our little internet friendship. : )

  11. Authentic is good!

  12. You need more cowbell.

  13. Pam McLaughlin

    You don’t know me IRL. I’ve commented a time or two. As a fellow blogger, I understand how one bad comment can ruin your mood. As bloggers, we have to remember that for every person who does comment, there are several others who don’t. (I like to think the ones who don’t would have said nice things. In fact, they will probably say something nice the next time they see me. If they don’t forget). 😉

    Don’t let one bad apple get to you too much. (I’m a people-pleaser, too…so I’m preaching to myself as well.) Life changes and so do we. It’s absurd to think that our writing would stay the same as we stretch and grow. Keep on being you. We, your readers, expect nothing less.

    I read your blog because you don’t use fowl language, you proclaim a love for the same Savior that I do, I enjoy your sense of humor and mostly because of your honesty.

    I like point number 2 in today’s post.
    And…seriously?…a 6’8″ Freshman? And I thought I’d had a hard time finding shoes for my 6′ tall boys.

    I have missed your posts. I really enjoy reading about your life adventures. Don’t stay gone so long, k?

    • Thanks, Pam. I know she didn’t mean to be critical – she’s a good friend- and it helped me think through why I do what I do. You’re exactly right. Life changes and so do we, hopefully for the better.

  14. I always like reading your blogs because they are the real you (knowing you IRL gives me the opportunity to say that). The funny ones are funny, the more serious ones are authentic, & they balance out in a way that exposes who you are (in a good way! 😉). Keep ’em coming, Friend!

  15. I read because you are funny, but mostly because you could be me! A more organized, less procastinaty me. I like to look for humor and/or make it myself, but lets face it….life ain’t always funny. And we can’t always be *on*. Authentic is better.

  16. I smile when I see a new post. I read because you’re a real person. You’re not trying to present yourself in a certain way or sell yourself or be someone you’re not. And I’m pretty sure you and Amy are the same as me and Becca. (Except hawaii would be a much more exciting place to visit than San Angelo!) It’s inspiring and encouraging to me.

  17. “Fake it ’til we make it.” Advice to live by!

  18. I never comment, but I love to read, and I especially love your serious-thinky posts. So please do continue to share whatever it is you might be going through at the time, whenever the mood strikes you to do so. We love your realness!

  19. stephaniecanipe

    I truly enjoy all your blog entries and I feel privileged to “know” you better. I like you a lot! I’m looking forward to meeting IRL someday. Xx

  20. Love the blog and love you too!
    Jacie looks like this next to her friends too. We have tall children! Wow 6’7 already – That’s awesome!

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